Driver Beaten by Bikers Taking Legal Action

Alexian Lien plans to sue NYC and the undercover cop who allegedly joined bikers that day.
3:00 | 01/19/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Driver Beaten by Bikers Taking Legal Action
Is infamous pictures have been covering the story the terrifying moments when a gang of bikers descended upon an SUV with a family inside. They smashed the windows and drag out the driver and beat him. Horrifying story insists this is that the -- her husband and father name alexion -- has been relatively quiet but now he is taking action. And ABC's Lindsay -- have been covering this story was started here at more good morning. Good morning at the incident happened at just over three months ago now and Leann says. He intends to sue the city of New York. An entire nation watched in horror as -- in the -- his wife and two year old child were chased by a group of bikers. Then -- into -- from his SUV and beaten. Now the 33 year old bankers seen in this photo with his daughter just weeks ago is -- -- back. Filing a legal notice on behalf of his family saying he intends to -- New York City and two off duty police officers this document filed. That is putting the city of New York on notice of an impending lawsuit. The document filed on December 24 accuses the city of quote failure to adequately train supervise monitor and or disciplined police officers the -- -- is seeking to recover damages in excess of 75000. Dollars for each family member. One of the officers named off duty undercover detective -- check brash shock allegedly part of a group seen attacking the Range Rover. He pleaded not guilty even if these two police officers are deemed to have been off duty at the time of the incident. This city. Can still be held liable. The now infamous chain of events caught on helmet cam begins with an apparent accident between -- in -- of the motorcyclist the group and so rounds again. And -- slacks as his tire terrified he makes a break for its crushing biker and when the basis with his Range Rover leaving the rapper and father of two. Paralyzed. -- the other officer named in the legal notice is off duty internal affairs cop Matthew -- -- he says he was nowhere near the scene of the beating. He admits he was on the -- -- day. And New York city's law department says that it has not yet been asked to represent any city employees it's stressing that this is not yet a lawsuit just a legal notice again -- a. Right so those figures 75000 dollars and seems a little low but maybe we'll go up -- thirty -- -- number for himself his wife and and top. And the key language there you says you need access seven event thousand dollars Lindsay thank you.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Alexian Lien plans to sue NYC and the undercover cop who allegedly joined bikers that day.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21589040","title":"Driver Beaten by Bikers Taking Legal Action","url":"/GMA/video/driver-beaten-bikers-taking-legal-action-21589040"}