Drone Spotted Near JFK Airport by Pilot

A jumbo jet pilot says he spotted a drone while landing in New York.
1:37 | 03/05/13

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Transcript for Drone Spotted Near JFK Airport by Pilot
for the pilot of a jumbo jet coming in for a landing at jfk. He says he saw a drone out of his cockpit window. The faa is investigating. Reporter: The mystified pilot says he saw a small drone. Who it belongs to runs a range. investigation. Listen to this recording. What did you see? We saw a drone, a drone aircra aircraft. Reporter: The alitalia flight was on final approach when the pilot saw the unidentified object. What altitude did you see that? About 1,500. Reporter: The pilot did not take evasive action. The flight landed safely. Air traffic control shared the information. Report of a drone air kaft, five-mile final. We're slowing to 180 knots, jet blue 906. Reporter: Their nonm use is increasing. The faa sin vest gating the incident. Of course, even if the drone belongs to a hobbyist, that doesn't make it less dangerous to an aircraft that it collides with. Experts say drones will become a day-to-day object. They can't be flying this close to commercial jets. Amazing it got that close. Thanks, john. You got a story. Yes, I do. A story and joe flacco's got the

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{"id":18654926,"title":"Drone Spotted Near JFK Airport by Pilot","duration":"1:37","description":"A jumbo jet pilot says he spotted a drone while landing in New York.","url":"/GMA/video/drone-jfk-airport-pilot-spotted-drone-landing-york-18654926","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}