The Rock Shows Off 'Cheat Day' Diet of Pancakes, Pizza

Dwayne Johnson reminisces on own G.I. Joe collection and strict workout regimen.
4:01 | 03/27/13

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Transcript for The Rock Shows Off 'Cheat Day' Diet of Pancakes, Pizza
to be pressed up against the window. Her. I can't imagine why. Oh, perhaps it has something to do with him, dwayne johnson starring in "g.I. Joe" after "the rise of the cobra." He plays roadblock second in command to channing tatum. Take a look at this. How do you call an air strike? Can I bring -- what about one -- I'm bleeding out and I need you to -- can you use a package thingy? I can -- who is shooting? What -- I'm bleeding out right there and you -- are you crawling. I'm going to crawl to victory. That's what I'm going to do. How can you be so good at combat when you -- I think you need to relax and I believe I outrank you. Not in my house. That is such a great interchange between friends playing a video game. You're the best when you two are together out there. We welcome dwayne johnson here this morning. Thank you so much, sam. I appreciate it. Good morning. You play roadblock. Look, this is one of these iconic franchise -- we were playing with g.I. Joe action figures. They ask you to be one of the action figures. How daunting is that? Well, it's exciting, number one. I mean, you know, when we were kids we were playing g.I. Joes. I have two massive collections, I had g.I. Joe and I had "star wars" and grew up an only child so g.I. Joe was my family. I was road block. I was snake eyes and bob ba fete and han solo. I was those guys so you can imagine getting a phone call from paramount saying we want you to be g.I. Joe but lead the joes. What do you think? It's phenomenal and had a chance to spend some time with channing in new orleans with the super bowl. This movie works if part because of that chemistry. You can't fake it. You can't fake it. Channing is a great guy. You know, and so we were lucky because not only in the mythology of g.I. Joey we wanted to pay respect to, duke, channing's character and roadblock are best friends and in this case, you know, wound up being the guy is like a brother to me and we had great skems industry on the set and somewhere along the line someone seems to think that he's the world's sexiest man. Ha. Someone said there must be some kind of competition. Some have said. Some have said but I tip my hat to him. Happy for all his success. You can tell you get along. Can we wheel this in? You do -- every move you do -- i watched you trim down, trim down. Trim down for some roles and now you've gotten back up to full like force here. This can't be real. You can't really honestly. It's a cheat day so if you're going to cleat, do it. I mean -- if you're going to cheat, you have to go big. Here's the deal. You know, my diet is very -- especially whenever I'm training for whether "g.I. Joe" or "hercules." Diet is very clean. I have a great dieting and conditioning coach. When it's time to cheat, I start off with the pancak, go with a dozen pancakes. Who doesn't. There's a picture of me -- carrying the pancake. For you maybe. Ooh. But for me -- it's good. Then I move on to pizza. But here's the thing with the pizza. I got a great place, pizza heaven where I live in ft. Lauderdale and this place makes double dough pizza for me so you take a pizza, slap two doughs together and -- it's nice and big. A lot of pizza then of course you move on to the amazing brownies. My girlfriend who is this fabulous baker, she bakes double brownies and she also puts peanut butter cookies on the inside. Made with love. All right. As we say good-bye, your teams, are they going to get it done. How about the "u." Okay. Got to talk basketball. They're number four -- okay -- retaliation tomorrow. The "u."

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{"id":18821915,"title":"The Rock Shows Off 'Cheat Day' Diet of Pancakes, Pizza","duration":"4:01","description":"Dwayne Johnson reminisces on own G.I. Joe collection and strict workout regimen. ","url":"/GMA/video/dwayne-rock-johnson-interview-gi-joe-movie-eating-18821915","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}