East, South Brace for Dangerous Ice, Snow

The National Guard rolled out in Georgia to try and stay ahead of an ice storm.
3:00 | 02/12/14

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Transcript for East, South Brace for Dangerous Ice, Snow
historic ice storm walloping the south. The storm will target the northeast tonight and tomorrow bringing heavy snow and ginger tracking all of this for us this morning. Plenty of cold air in new York City. 14 right now, by the way. We are looking at more than 20 states now in some sort of winter weather advisory. Watch or warning, anywhere from Texas up to Maine and the heart of this, it's developing right now. It is falling in the southeast and the ice is what we are most concerned about. Augusta, Georgia, almost a quarter inch of ice already. Columbia a you'll end up with close to an inch. Hard to imagine what that does, but think about that. An inch standing on top of an object and on the bottom of it too will weigh down power lines. Atlanta, all that mixed precipitation and snow and that is where Steve osunsami, part of the extreme team this morning, is standing. Steve? Reporter: Good morning, ginger. I don't know if you can hear it, the wind is blowing and ice pelting your face. You can feel it sting your skin. This is what is normally a very busy peachtree street in downtown Atlanta, one of the busiest thoroughfares in town and it is covered in ice. The sleet made for slick roads in North Carolina causing spinout after spinout. This black ice creating dangerous road conditions and the Georgia National Guard rolled out overnight. We're going to go out there on the highways and make sure all of our citizens are okay. Reporter: Nearly 500 soldiers and 125 vehicles joining a growing army of salt trucks and snowplows trying to stay ahead of what forecasters expect to be a devastating ice storm. The state's response to 2 inches two weeks ago was laughable with gridlock that lasted all night. This time, Georgia's governor came out early telling families to stay off the roads. This is one of mother nature's worst kinds of storms that can be inflicted on the south. Reporter: This family wasn't having it. Getting enough gas to head out of state. We are leaving. We're not taking any chances. Reporter: The icy roads can turn deadly fast. In Dallas, Texas, a firefighter died when a sliding car pushesed him off an overpass while trying to help this driver who hit the ice moments before. Another car coming at me out of control and I just curled up and I put my head down. I just kurred up and put my head down. Reporter: Just outside ft. Worth crash after crash. Watch this SUV spin out smashing into the guardrail and then another driver. The driver of this pickup nearly lost it too, but came to a stop before hitting anyone. The skyways are a mess this morning, as well. More than 1500 flights in and out of Atlanta will never get off the ground today. Over 2500 flights canceled across the country. We're getting some news from delta. They're telling us many of their employees, some of their flight attendants may have to sleep on planes because there are no hotels and they can't get out. Also a concern, power outages as the ice forms around those power lines. Nearly 16,000 people across this region alreadythe dark this morning. Ginger? Thank you so much, Steve. I know that number will go up because of the wind and I'm glad you mentioned that. It is not just the ice but then 20 to 30-mile-per-hour gusts on the back side. That's going to take some stuff down. The snow because this is the other part. Everybody is interesting in seeing it. Match the color to your location. Washington, D.C., right now in that 5 to 8-inch range. As I've been saying for the last couple of day, what concerns me is that mix. Much like the last one we had in New York City, we had 4 inches in the morning then you had sleet and snow so that's going to cut down on totals. Sleet and snow and rain, it'll be a mess, I promise you that tomorrow.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The National Guard rolled out in Georgia to try and stay ahead of an ice storm.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22476261","title":"East, South Brace for Dangerous Ice, Snow","url":"/GMA/video/east-south-brace-dangerous-ice-snow-22476261"}