Would You Eat a Protein Bar Made With Crickets?

EXO, a new startup, is betting that you will.
3:00 | 02/05/14

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Transcript for Would You Eat a Protein Bar Made With Crickets?
No -- Ever try to keep my I don't know where if you be willing to you live heard -- right. -- -- -- I'm getting. I'm -- And where the -- of -- come through -- trying to normalize the consumption of insects. They're making protein bars cricket. -- them exhibition first started so is the fact -- most protein bars. Taste terrible winters simply lending disguised -- health -- Gavin and -- the first -- freshman near -- university and he was working on and just developing a protein bar for himself that he would want to -- after him back from the cameras snack. Around that time he was at a conference on global systems and climate change and and resource scarcity. And somebody there mentioned the idea of -- and set insects as. A way to combat some of problems with feeding them the world. I to a protein bars -- never considered protein bars made from -- certain states and other kinds of breaks -- of crickets. My mind instantly made that psychological leap to think -- crickets or something disgusting. Something we don't -- in the west isn't typical for a source most of the world hits in six and a daily basis so -- percent of the country's. And the world's -- whether that Steve fried crickets in Thailand's. Four she's had maggots in -- -- -- it's a regular part of most people's diets eventually I caved and agreed to order. Some life cricket store has encompassed him. Expelling them and see if we can -- and then she tasted -- But we did was we took to -- and put them in a freezer -- which based. We killed them. Then you take them. Wait a month some cookie sheets put it in and -- and -- couple hours' rest them until they're dry. And then -- and it sort of turns into a fine flour. Means we did -- People than we the first batch of bars -- -- -- the environmental. Upside feeding insects are enormous. Staying produced eight times last Matt Damon has do they require far less -- far less water fight us face to raise. Valentino they've lived their life span of six weeks and may -- thousands and thousands of bags -- cows you know me. Only produce a couple do you cast them in -- So the nutritional benefits of its insects are also enormous and six -- -- -- and both -- crickets in particular. -- 64% protein like two weeks and I -- -- very good quality so contains only essential amino -- to your body needs. I'm crickets are also high and micro nutrients like iron and calcium -- contain more iron and B -- as much calcium milk. And a very high Omega three fatty acids so overall just a very nutritious food source is under -- in this country.

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{"id":22378915,"title":"Would You Eat a Protein Bar Made With Crickets?","duration":"3:00","description":"EXO, a new startup, is betting that you will. ","url":"/GMA/video/eat-protein-bar-made-crickets-22378915","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}