Edward Snowden Officially Charged With Espionage

Former NSA contractor turned whistleblower faces serious charges from U.S. prosecutors.
1:21 | 06/22/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Edward Snowden Officially Charged With Espionage
Developments involving an -- whistle -- -- -- now officially charged with espionage this morning the man who leaked some of the federal government's biggest secrets is still believed to be hiding in Hong Kong and US prosecutors want him back ABC's -- -- joins us live from Hong Kong good morning Gloria. Good morning there is heightened drama here in Hong Kong where Edwards -- days in hiding could be numbered. It is still believed the man the US has now charged with espionage and wanting custody is -- -- at a secret location somewhere in this vast city. But he could soon be forced out -- Hong Kong authorities can find him. US officials are asking Hong Kong police to arrest him. But officials here have been almost silent saying only that they will act in accordance with the law despite award for his arrest -- -- was still has options. He could flee if another country will take him. He could also seek asylum. That could trigger a legal process that could take months something years. Snowden is entitled to legal representation here for free one legislator tells me there is a scenario in which dozens appeal against extradition. Could reach Hong Kong's highest court. That could take five years or more. Without an unusual step by the by China's central government or Hong Kong he could still be some time before Edward Stone is back on US soil. For Good Morning America Gloria Riviera ABC news Hong Kong.

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{"id":19462881,"title":"Edward Snowden Officially Charged With Espionage","duration":"1:21","description":"Former NSA contractor turned whistleblower faces serious charges from U.S. prosecutors.","url":"/GMA/video/edward-snowden-officially-charged-espionage-19462881","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}