Romney Campaign Behind the Scenes

Romney Behind the Scenes
3:00 | 11/06/12

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Transcript for Romney Campaign Behind the Scenes
Today, it's "your voice, your vote." And for mitt romney, the campaigning is not over yet. He'll stop in ohio and pennsylvania, after voting from his hometown, belmont, massachusetts, this morning. That's where david muir is right now. Good morningd. Reporter: Hey, george. It's hard to believe the day has finally arrived. You see the line forming in belmont, massachusetts, the hometown of mitt romney. And he his wife, ann, will be here shortly to cast their votes. They were campaigning until the midnight hour. And we were beside the governor, as he was hugged by supporters, welcoming him home to new england. Just before midnight, mitt romney, surrounded by thousands in new hampshire, back where it all began. Capping a sprint to the finish overnight. He started in ohio, with a grand entrance. Shooti iing on my iphone, as the campaign plane pulled into columbus. We're going to do such an amazing thing on tuesday, aren't we? Reporter: Romney arguing he'll get started on day one. I'm not going to waste any time complaining about my predecessor. Reporter: Back to the plane. We had to rally right before midnight tonight. And while we were in the air with the governor, his interview on "monday night football." And a tough question. He's from michigan. But the governor is from massachusetts. Line lions or patriots? It is patriots. Reporter:9:54, we landed in new hampshire. Waiting for them, thousands. Kid rock. Election eve. One more concert from kid rock for mitt romney. Then, their final pitch. I have loved hearing the voices of the women that I've heard. Your votes and your work right here in new hampshire, will help me become the next president of the united states. Reporter: Big hopes from the romneys. They'll be voting here a short time from now. The steady stream already headed in. So many voters glad the day is finally here. To put the ads and the debates behind them. Now, it's up to them to decide this razor-thin election. They are happy to get the ads off the television. And the president was

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