Election Day 2013: Key Races in New Jersey, Virginia

A few key races could have consequences for President Obama.
2:03 | 11/05/13

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Transcript for Election Day 2013: Key Races in New Jersey, Virginia
Election day now. Many of you may not have noticed. Jon karl with more on that. Governor races in virginia and new jersey. Reporter: That's right, george. Two big races today. Democrats up in one. Republicans up in the other. But in a sense, today may be the day that the 2016 presidential campaign begins. Chris christie is flying so high in the polls, his final campaign swing for new jersey's governor, was more like a victory lab. The latest poll his him leading barbara buono by over 30 points. He leads women and inspects, all in a democratic state that obama won by 17 points last year. That adds up to a central argument of a christie presidential campaign he can win. Whatever the future brings, it will bring. Reporter: In virginia, a tighter race. But it's the democrat, terry McAULIFFE, OVER KEN CUCCINELLI, A republican with deep party roots. From barack obama on down, democrats have flooded virginia for McAuliffe. But a victory him will also be seen as a victory for hillary clinton. That's the way one big-name republican sees it. This is the first victory of the clinton march to the presidency. It will be a tribute to terry's persistent and bill and hillary to build a machine. Reporter: Mcauliffe is a long-time confidant of both clintons. When barack obama won virginia in 2008, he became the first democratic presidential candidate to win the state since lyndon johnson. Now, the party is hoping that after today's election, they will control all the major statewide offices, george. Governor, lieutenant governor and both senate seats. Big race in new york, as well. The new york about to have its first democratic mayor in 20 years. When you said election day, people were like, that's right. Now, to the bullying standal

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{"id":20786529,"title":"Election Day 2013: Key Races in New Jersey, Virginia","duration":"2:03","description":"A few key races could have consequences for President Obama.","url":"/GMA/video/election-day-2013-key-races-jersey-virginia-20786529","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}