Election Results 2012: Role of Women Voters

Nicolle Wallace, Donna Brazile and Cokie Roberts discuss the female demographic.
3:00 | 11/07/12

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Transcript for Election Results 2012: Role of Women Voters
A lot still out there. Coming in, we talked about the importance of the women's vote. It was just as important as we thought. We're going to bring in our powerhouse team. Donna brazile, who ran al gore's campaign in 2000. Nicolle wallace, and cokie rts. The gender gap is still real. President obama won with women overall, a little over 11 points over governor romney. Look at this number. This is the number of single women, nonmarried women. 67% for the president, 31% for Did the president target those young women from the start? They invested in this important demographic group. They understood these women wanted to hear an economic message. President obama, his first signature act as president, signed the lilly ledbetter parity act. They targeted the women on health care, on reproductive rights. This was a larger coalition. The coalition of the faithful. People that believe that president obama will provide the decisive leadership. But also, a coalition of the hopeful. People who believe that president obama will bring people together, as well. And, nicolle wallace, no second-guessing among the romney team. Republicans looking at numbers like this, they have to be thinking, what are we going to do in the future? Women aren't an interest group to be targeted. They're more than half the country. We're the deciders, if you will. If your message doesn't work with women, you can't win a national election. So, republicans have to do more than fine-tune the message to women. They have to look at the substance they were campaigning on. Mitt romney made a bet that it was the economy, the economy, the economy. But it wasn't just due to being a competent manager of the economy. It was viewed as someone who understood how painful it was, that empathy, he wasn't able to tap into. Despite a stellar first debate performance, that just wasn't enough. And talking about the economic message for women. It was broader. The president focusing on a lot of social issues that were at play in the entire election. And he was helped by tha in some republican senate candidates that made some statements that were unfortunate for their campaigns, in terms of rape and sex things. Even among married women, in some ways that's a more significant number. Democrats do well with married women. That message was strong government role gets to them. But married women voted for obama by eight points more than married men. And they're in pretty much the same economic situation. That's where the social issues did play out. Thank you very much. And we know, george, that social media played a huge role

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{"id":17663286,"title":"Election Results 2012: Role of Women Voters","duration":"3:00","description":"Nicolle Wallace, Donna Brazile and Cokie Roberts discuss the female demographic.","url":"/GMA/video/election-results-2012-role-women-voters-presiden-barrack-17663286","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}