Ellie Kemper opens up about 'Smurfs' and 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt'

Plus, the new mother discusses using lullabies from Rockabye Baby made from the "Hamilton" soundtrack.
9:14 | 04/04/17

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Transcript for Ellie Kemper opens up about 'Smurfs' and 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt'
we got to say good morning to everybody in our studio audience. Good morning, everybody. And we got something to be excited for. We have a great guest. We're going to bring to the table. She is the star of "Unbreakable kimmy Schmidt" and now she's also a smurf. Please welcome Ellie kemper. Hi. Hello. Hi. Oh. Hello, hi, George. How are you. You look beautiful. Thank you very much. Hello. Mwah. How are you? Thanks, guys. Okay, okay. Thank you. Wow! Thank you. Love your energy. Guy, I love your energy and the energy of this studio. Yes. You have an incredible energy and you need it because you're extremely busy at work but the best thing you've done lately, I hear you're a new mom. I am. Congratulations. I am. I'm a new mom and have an 8-month-old James who did not sleep last night. You're sleeping a lot. I'm getting so much sleep. That's why I have so much energy. This boy, I mean, we all know, babies don't sleep. They cry and they don't sleep but they're darling. You're lucky you're cute. That's exactly right. You can get away with it. And speaking of babies, actually we were talking about there's -- you like "Amount," right. Yes? I'm going to make a connection here. Yes. I'm going to do it. We actually have some new -- a new song out that is for lullabies using "Hamilton." You're serious. I'm totally serious. Let's listen to the original. ??? I am know throwing away my shot ??? ??? just like my country and I'm hungry and I'm not throwing away my shot ??? "Hamilton." All right. So now this is what you can now play for baby James. ??? ??? I'm not throwing away my shot you know I'm just ??? Do you -- This is so sweet. Yes. Yes. I think that would work. Well done. Who's the musical genius around here. Is that from the "Hamilton" people. I think they had to get the copyright. Is it supposed to calm the baby down. I got a little hyped off that. I think the young scrappy -- my baby is young, scrappy and hungry. He's always hungry. I'm curious, he's 8 months old. Yes. But is it too early to tell if he's got that personality for acting. You are -- oh, the acting bug. He is definitely a performer because I will notice when he's playing by himself he's fine then the moment he sees mom or dad, drama. Like so much drama. Crying, acting out. Very active so I do think that he knows when eyes are on him and he brings it. It only gets worse. I'm sure. I'm sure. I have a long road ahead. Talk to us about smurf blossom. Yes, yes. So, you guys -- The new smurfs movie. Smurfs is easy to pronounce and comes out Wednesday and I a 134ur of blossom this exuberant smurf. I tend to play kind of excited upbeat charactering, smurf blossom takes it to a new level and has a lot of question, inquisitive and she's very blue, yep. And yeah, it was so much fun to be in this movie not the least reason -- or one of the greatest reasons I am now officially in a movie with Julia Roberts. That's pretty cool. Crossover. I'm not sure she's real. Is she real? She's been on the show. I'll try to 15i it right. Let's take a look at smurf blossom. I'm smurfette. Oh, my -- I'm smurf blouse many so. We don't have a smurfette but we do have smurf petal, smurf Daisy, smurf hazel. Hey. Look at you. You're so different. Sorry but it's true. Do you know how to tart a fire with rope and stick? I do. Love her. Slightly hyper. I feel like I just had a glimpse into what James might be become. You know, my kids are huge fans of yours and love "The unsinkable Molly brown" and laugh and say come watch with us. This season you have a bunch of new co-stars. Who are you most excited to show off or to talk about. Okay, I hope I can say this without getting fired. I don't think it's a great reveal but ray Liotta is on the show. It was so cool because obviously we all know ray Liotta and was frightened at first because he has quite a. You were afraid of ray Liotta. I wanted to be calm and not bring that exuberant crushing energy and by day three he has a scene where he's holding a kitten and I'm telling you, that kitten was like putty in his arms and I melted. I was like -- he's the kindest gentlest soul I know. There's no -- Big soft underbelly. They all are. Steely exterior but underneath a little puppy. What is it like shooting in your town? Do people stop scenes and break up the action. You know, we all live in new York and it's actually I love it because, no, people just want to go about their day and if anything they're just annoyed that you are an impediment on their way to work. This is hilarious. So funny because that is a lot of background actors but I imagine there's a lot of actual new yorkers too. No one is looking twice. Something like this happens every day in New York. Of course, there's a robot on the way to work. That's like right outside of your studio. It was just about -- wait, three years ago, it was 17 degrees that day. That's all I remember that day. You would have never known it. Oh, good. Our acting. Your character, kimmy, very excitable but I'm curious, what do you get excited about in real life. This is mortifying. I'm like 4 years old. Ice cream. I love ice cream. How simple am I? Let's applaud ice cream. Did you know that today is free cone day at Ben & Jerry's? So you know we got you a free cone. No, no, no. Yes, okay. You guys, is it too early? Is it too early for cones? Thank you. You guys. I love ice cream. You all get one. We all get one. Oh, today is actually free cone today. Today is free cone today at Ben & Jerry's. You have no idea. This is like what I want in life. It's not much. What's your flavor, go to? Okay, I do -- I love Ben & Jerry's. My favorite flavor is the tonight dough which I hope I can say. We're okay with that. I love cookies and cream from any brand. I'm down with that. So we -- Apple pie and chocolate chips. We actually had heard as you know, we didn't just producer this but got a birdie who told us you love ice cream and our producers wanted you to know, do you ever struggle with the ice cream being too hard in the freezer. Yes. I found a hack for you. What? Full of helpful hints. Lullabies. So, yeah, so there is a hack that to keep your ice cream from getting rock hard you put it in an airtight freezer bag and you squeeze most but not all of the air out so you leave some of the air inside the bag and then put it in the freezer. The air around the container will keep it from getting too hard. Oh. Interesting. Yeah, you're welcome, America. Thank you. Real takeaway. Yep. And your baby will sleep -- While I'm eating my perfectly soft ice cream. I love this new life I have. When you are hungry for ice cream and it's too hard to scoop -- Very frustrating and putting it in the microwave doesn't cut it. It only softens the top. You've done this. We're two ird abouts of a feather. Something you're so good at and I'm supposed to read this. Kind of like an Oprah moment. Would you take it over. I saw what I'm supposed to say. Okay. And everyone in our audience is getting ice cream today!

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{"duration":"9:14","description":"Plus, the new mother discusses using lullabies from Rockabye Baby made from the \"Hamilton\" soundtrack.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"46559033","title":"Ellie Kemper opens up about 'Smurfs' and 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt'","url":"/GMA/video/ellie-kemper-opens-smurfs-unbreakable-kimmy-schmidt-46559033"}