Emma Watson Cites Paris Hilton Closet in Remarks on Consumerism

"The Bling Ring" actress discusses filming scenes in star's closet with the U.K. Radio Times.
2:41 | 06/27/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Emma Watson Cites Paris Hilton Closet in Remarks on Consumerism
We're going to start with this rather surprising admission from emma watson. The harry potter star, speaking out about hollywood excess. And linsey is here with all of this. Emma watson says she only has eight pairs of shoes. Her sparse footwear collection is in question about the lavish wardrobes of some of those in the new film. Oh, my gosh. Reporter: It's a fashionista's dream closet. Wall-to-wall shoes, dresses and sparkles. Oh, my god. eporter: BUT THIS IS NO Dream. It's a look inside paris hilton's real-life closet for the movie "the bling ring," starring emma watson a film ripped from the headlines. But according to watson, life does not imitate art in her case. The excess is something she says she doesn't buy into. Telling the u.K.'S "radiotimes" I have about eight pairs of shoes. And that's it. Adding, it's easy for me to sound like a total hypocrite because I'm dressed in designer clothes right now. It is rare and brave for her to have said this. It takes the mythology and the glamour away. Reporter: Like many actresses, watson, who is worth an estimated $50 million, dons designer duds to premieres. Items that are usually returned after they're worn. But as far as her personal closet goes, it may not be as lavish as hilton's watson says, half of the heiress' collection was brand-new and still had the price tag on. Adding, I suppose she just bought them to have them. It's a rare look at the deep-pocketed glitz in hollywood. Celebrities are rarely seen wearing the same outfit more than one. They are constantly looking fresh and fashionable. And it's a challenge. Reporter: Watson is seemingly unphased by the pressure to be a celebrity. Noting that the definition of it has changed. It's something that isn't really associated with having a craft. There are other people who really are in it for the work and the art and finds the rest of it ridiculous. Reporter: "The bling ring" is currently in theaters. After taking a couple years off to film movies, emma will return to brown university this fall. Probably saving up that shoe money. I think that's great. Less is more. Up next on the "heat index," another hollywood trend.

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{"id":19505377,"title":"Emma Watson Cites Paris Hilton Closet in Remarks on Consumerism","duration":"2:41","description":"\"The Bling Ring\" actress discusses filming scenes in star's closet with the U.K. Radio Times.","url":"/GMA/video/emma-watson-uk-radio-times-interview-star-cites-19505377","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}