Emmys 2013: Backstage With the Winners

Get an inside look at the award show's biggest moments.
5:42 | 09/23/13

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Transcript for Emmys 2013: Backstage With the Winners
We're going to plunge into the "gma heat index." We have emmy's biggest moments and hottest fashions. Let's go back to amy robach at the "w" hotel in hollywood. You were backstage and went one on one with the big stars. Good morning, again. I did. Good morning to you, robin. I think everyone expects the big-name celebrities to win this award with cool confidence. I was surprised how shocked most of them were. Telling me they didn't remember their acceptance speeches. They were not sure where they were at that moment. And others saying it happened in slow motion. You quould see that emmy glow starting to settle in. This is the fourth time you guys have won. "Modern family president". Tonight looked like it was so filled w filled with prizes. It was not a slam dunk. Is the fourth time sweeter? Yes. Does it just get better? It's nearly a "modern family" tradition. Winning best comedy and for the first time, "breaking bad" scored best drama and an emmy for supporting actress anna gunn. What was it like on stage? Amazing because I got the look down at bryan and aaron. They've been my family for the past six years. Reporter: Her breaking bad costars bryan cranston and aaron paul went home without emmys. Thanks conspiracy spicing up the ceremony. Did i? It was one of the more memorable moments. Well, crap. You can't take the boy out of the midwest. I want to thank my mom for not worrying about me. And for believing that I would be okay. Reporter: More than okay. The colbert report won emmys for variety series and variety series writing. Are we rolling? Yes. I'll keep it clean then. Or not. We can bleep it out. "Gma" known for its potty humor. Stephanopoulos loves to drop the "f" bomb. What are the plans for the evening? What do you got? What are you doing? You're a winner. Are you going celebrate? Am I ever. I was such a good boy last night. Reporter: But tonight, different story. Different story. Different story. Reporter: I think a lot of fun was had last night. Could possibly still be happening. Some of the celebrities were asking me, did I kiss my wife? Did I forget to thank my son? Michael douglas said he had something prepared and had it hidden in his suit. He didn't want to pull it out because he didn't want anyone to think he thought he was going win. It was a lot of fun. Everybody just all smiles. I had a blast, guys. Thanks very much. Let's get more from jess cagle. Our friend. She made the point about is p speeches. Some people didn't have speeches ready. There were some real upsets last night. That made the show, for me, really fun. It was the accidental upsets. The main one being bryan cranston lost to jeff daniels of "the newsroom." Which I like "the newsroom" but I'm not down with this one. I wanted bryan cranston to win. And aaron paul in the supporting category lost to bobby cannavale. If you haven't seen him in "boardwalk empire" he is amazing. It wasn't bad news for the "modern family" actors. To tony hale from "veep." And the adorable merritt wever from "nurse jackie." How about neil patrick harris? He can do no wrong. A lot of people were disappointed he didn't do a big musical number opening. He did several. But he didn't open the show. He can do no wrong. He is the best host of an awards show that we have. He was a producer of this year's show as well. I thought it was fun to turn it on its ear. People were talking about it. The choreography was there. What about the different way they did the tributes? I liked them. I think that -- I was a little mixed on it because I thought it added a lot to the running time of the show. But anything you do differently, I'm all for. I would rather it will be little odd than boring. I was never bored. Mm -- I know. Once it got going, I knew there was something odd. I thought the top of the show was strange. That first tape. I thought the opening number -- it lost me. I loved the former hosts. The tv screens went on a little long. I have to say. It's hard to keep a show like that fast-paced for the entire show, though. As another host of awards shows. But e think he did an incredible job. Sometimes it's going the drag on. He's the best. He's amazing. "Veep." Amazing. I'm glad she won. That was a classic. They are begging me, begging me to go the fashion. I think it is time we all have

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{"id":20342235,"title":"Emmys 2013: Backstage With the Winners","duration":"5:42","description":"Get an inside look at the award show's biggest moments.","url":"/GMA/video/emmys-2013-backstage-winners-20342235","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}