Engaged Couple Rescued in Wyoming Wilderness

They were stranded without food and water for nearly a week.
2:25 | 09/07/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Engaged Couple Rescued in Wyoming Wilderness
Let's gloss over that issue. Now to the romantic getaway that turned into a search and rescue mission. The Wyoming wilderness is the perfect setting for a marriage proposal. When the couple wound up stranded and going days without water, it took an all-out manhunt to find them. They're still engaged. When you start like this, you better be there for years. Getting engaged is usually the beginning of a couple's journey together. For Blake and Melissa, they thought the story would end before it got started. I pulled out the ring. I said I'm sorry I can't get down on one knee because I'm afraid to fall off the cliff, but will you marry me? Reporter: Their trip up the mountain was nothing short of life changing. On the way up, as the terrain became more unstable. We got to a point of no return. The Rox kept breaking. Reporter: Their engagement weekend took a turn. She asked me specifically, do you think we're going to die. I thought we were going to die. Reporter: The couple says chonners passed overhead only to keep flying. Failing to spot them. With her leg severely injured, Melissa was stuck. I knew we wouldn't survive another night. I knew I had to try climbing down and if I made it I I could save us both. If I didn't, we would both have died any way. Reporter: By sheer determination, he made it down. I walked right up on the search and rescue guys and said, I need a helicopter. Reporter: Relieved but facing the possibility of losing his fiance, out of the rescuer's reach. She was on the side of the the cliff well out of site and reach of our access point. Reporter: Hours late, they were finally able to bring her home. And the ring she was carrying, it made it down, too, on her finger. How do you say no to a proposal like that. They haven't set a date yet. I'll give them time. This is why I proposed inside our apartment in Manhattan. He's afraid to fall off a cliff. Some people get creative. Some people Dan it. Let's call it is safe route. Things worked out all right for you, too. Rob Marciano is always there

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{"duration":"2:25","description":"They were stranded without food and water for nearly a week.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"25325878","title":"Engaged Couple Rescued in Wyoming Wilderness","url":"/GMA/video/engaged-couple-rescued-wyoming-wilderness-25325878"}