Bride Gets Surprise Pinterest Wedding of Her Dreams

Ryan Leak used his girlfriend's Pinterest wedding pages to secretly plan a wedding.
3:04 | 10/03/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bride Gets Surprise Pinterest Wedding of Her Dreams
Also burning up the "heat index," george, a guy that may be the best husband. A guy who secretly dreamed up his wedding for his girlfriend. Off of her pinterest page. Pulling it off on the same day that he proposed. That's what she wanted. I think that was the most romantic thing. There's a guy that knows what pinterest is and there's a page for dream weddings. This groom arranged the perfect big day for his bride. Ryan and amanda shared the wedding of a lifetime. Ryan surprised her with a proposal. They got engaged. And married on the same day. I always knew that I would do something extravagant for a proposal. Reporter: A year before, ryan overheard amanda telling a girlfriend how cool it would be to get engaged and married on the same day. So, the dashing groom-to-be, made that happen. Not your typical timeline. And even less typical, that the entire wedding was organized by the groom. Under the heading, "my dream wedding," amanda's pinterest page had 224 photos detailing every aspect of her perfect wedding day. This digital bulletin board became a blueprint for a surprise wedding. I started putting pictures on there, even thinking that I may never have that. Reporter: Ryan popped the question exactly five years after their first date. The real question is, will you marry me today? Reporter: Then, all of a sudden, the wedding day began. Right away, the friends and family were telling me your wedding dress is here. Somebody to do your makeup. Reporter: Even with his meticulous planning, some things were out of his control. The only flight that was canceled out of 74 flights was amanda's. And I lost my mind. I would have gotten her there no matter what. Reporter: And the question they get asked most, what about the dress? We knew that the dress can take up to a year to find. So, I heavily encouraged her to go dress shopping, just to get an idea. I married a dreamer. And I got a dream-style wedding. Oh. That is killing guys everywhere. But not only registering for regular gifts, they asked people to make a donation to an organization. They found a burning house and saved puppies and unicorns. You're ruining my piece for tomorrow. And a rainbow -- that's the follow-up story. Setting the bar very high. It says a lot about her. You pick people that reflect you. She must be pretty amazing, as well. Thank you. Thanks for bringing that to us. Now, to the pandamonium stirring up the "heat index."

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{"id":20455906,"title":"Bride Gets Surprise Pinterest Wedding of Her Dreams","duration":"3:04","description":"Ryan Leak used his girlfriend's Pinterest wedding pages to secretly plan a wedding.","url":"/GMA/video/engaged-married-day-bride-surprise-pinterest-wedding-dreams-20455906","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}