Engagement Photos Have Reached a New Level

Newly-engaged couple Charlotte Gorski and Mike Bielecki of Buffalo, New York, embrace the over-the-top engagement photo trend with a live photo op in Times Square.
3:14 | 09/01/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Engagement Photos Have Reached a New Level
Something tee M jesilsebel W ts inidoue moments. Creative portraits. Here's Reena ninan with the story we first saw in "The new York post." ? Reporter: First comes love, then comes -- killer zombies? "The walking dead" lurching into this exploding modern love trend grabbing engagement photos that put the focus on a couple's interests, whatever they may be. Instead of the traditional romantic snaps you might be used to. Anything from zombie engagement shoots if you are a "Walking dead" fan or incorporating "Star trek" into your photos or incorporating where you had your first date, how you met. Reporter: Like movie fanatic Alec wells and Katherine Kanipe. Woo! Reporter: They followed up their viral Halloween theme proposal video with an epic back to the future engagement shoot. Let's go. Reporter: Recreating the iconic film's movie poster down to the smallest detail. The proposal was done in the style of Katherine's favorite movie so why not do our engagement photo in the style of my favorite movie, "Back to the future." Reporter: Couples drawing inspiration from everywhere not just Hollywood. One featuring twinkies and take-out. Another showcasing competing interests and don't forget the social media factor, the more eye catching the photos, the more likes online. It's the age of social media. Facebook, Twitter, instagram, you want to showcase that you're fun and playful and have a personality so this is a great way to do that. Reporter: As for Alec an Katherine they're already brainstorming for that upcoming wedding shots. It only seems appropriate that for our wedding we finish this off with some sort of epic conclusion. It's a lot of pressure, though. Reporter: For "Good morning America," Reena ninan, ABC news, New York. And thanks to Reena for that. Now we are joined by a new couple to she's how it's done. Charlotte lot Gorski and Mike Bielecki from New York. You'll do the photo shoot. When did you get engaged. On December 21st with I is Mike's birthday. And the wedding? July 2nd, 2016. So you have a little bit of time to prepare. What is that appeals to you about the idea of an extreme photo. We're planning on only being engaged once so wanted a fun and unique experience to celebrate. For me I just kind of go with the flow. All things wedding, I don't want her to be mad with me. There is an honest man right. This is your idea. You love it and he's going, okay. You're ready. We have all 52 contestants this year and miss America for your photo. You guys ready to get it done? We're excited. Let's get it done. Let's get some practice now. Okay, so you guys ready to make it happen on three, three, two, one. Cheese. All right. That is perfect. Played along wit. Fantastic. Thank you. That was great.

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{"duration":"3:14","description":"Newly-engaged couple Charlotte Gorski and Mike Bielecki of Buffalo, New York, embrace the over-the-top engagement photo trend with a live photo op in Times Square.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33450289","title":"Engagement Photos Have Reached a New Level","url":"/GMA/video/engagement-photos-reached-level-33450289"}