Engineer in Fatal NJ Train Crash Had Undiagnosed Sleep Apnea: Sources

The "GMA" team of insiders analyze some of the biggest stories trending this morning.
6:16 | 11/17/16

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Transcript for Engineer in Fatal NJ Train Crash Had Undiagnosed Sleep Apnea: Sources
Time for our big board breaking down the top stories and Larry Hackett is here. We'll get to your story in a moment. You can work on your hair. That's what you were doing during the commercial. That deadly New Jersey train crash. Officials now say the engineer driving the train suffered from undiagnosed sleep apnea. Dr. Richard Besser is going to join us now to weigh in on this and the engineer, rich, told investigators that he has no memory whatsoever. So just explain to people about sleep apnea and how do you know you have it? Yeah, so when we're sleeping at night we all take brief pauses when we're not breathing. That's Normal. With sleep apnea, those pauses occur more frequently and last longer. Sometimes as long as more than a minute and with obstructive sleep apnea the problem is the tissues in the back of our neck, those muscles that are supposed to keep airways open don't do their job so chest could be moving but there's no airflowing. They think that millions of people have this problem. And here are some of the symptoms. Here's what to look for. What you may have at night, snoring and snorting as you try to get air in. You could be restless, moving all over the bed as you're trying to open up that airway. During the day you're going to have problem with poor concentration and sleepness and may fall asleep doing regular activities because you didn't get a good night's sleep. We could see it's very dangerous but a lot want to know how do you treat it. Yeah, so it is really dangerous. Most people aren't driving trains but cars. Some are working heavy machinery and if you're falling asleep doing that it can be very dangerous. When you have apnea you're not getting oxygen in there and can set you up for heart attacks and strokes. Most people who snore don't have this, if you snore and are sleepy they'll do a sleep study where they monitor you at night to see how the air is moving and see how oxygen is getting in your blood. There is a machine they can use for you. It's something called cpap which blows air into your mouth and nose that can keep airways open and that can take care of this problem. My daddy had to use that. Mine too. Mine too. Life saver. Gets better sleep now. It is life changing. Thank you, rich. Now to a college football scandal. Wake forest is investigating a possible security breach after the team's game plan was discovered in Louisville stadium following their loss to the cardinals on Saturday. ESPN's Stephen a. Smith joins us live. Stephen, in your opinion how big of a deal is this? Oh, it can end up being a very, very big deal. College football, a college football playoff system. You see the top four teams in the nation being Alabama, Michigan, Ohio state, Clemson, Louisville is on the outside looking in. They've got the imminent Heisman trophy winner in Lamar Jackson. Everybody knows he's going to win it and everybody wants to see them in that playoff system. If you find yourself associated with a cheating scandal, that's not something that college football committee is going to want to attach to a playoff system. It could end up costing them a playoff berth. It could end up costing them millions upon millions because we all know the kind of money you know being in the playoff system ultimately generates for the institution. It's a very, very big deal if there's any substance for credence to this whatsoever. Right now it is only an investigation and Louisville says -- has no idea of what is going on. No knowledge of this whatsoever but in the cases when we have seen definitive cheating, how far, Stephen a. Have teams gone to win. Stealing playbook, stealing signals and what have you. The most recent example everybody will point to is spygate. Not so much deflategate. Deflated footballs. We all know Tom Brady big time future hall of famer probably the greatest quarterback of all time. The team had to pay a fine and Bill Belichick had to pay a fine and the NFL felt there were transgregss that took place in terms of stealing signals and it was a black mark on the patriots' franchise and stay with the with them. It would have been worse had Michael Strahan and his New York giants not knocked the patriots off going 16-0 and going through the playoffs. It would have been worse for them. You made everybody in Boston hate me a little more Stephen a. I would never want to do that. Let me ask this hall of famer, you know, did you protect your playbook like all -- You had to turn your playbook in every Monday or every Sunday at the game and if you didn't turn it in, pretty much didn't get your check. Ooh. But teams -- I've heard stories of the coach saying, they'll send a scout to act like a janitor as if he's cleaning the inside of a stadium and he's actually watching the team practice and -- like there are so many ways people go about or used to to get an advantage. Like Stephen a. Said, there is a lot of money on the line. Stephen a., thank you very much. We'll turn to r&b star frank Ocean in his first interview in years telling "The New York Times" he plans to employee test the 2017 grammy awards calling hit his Colin Kaepernick moment. Larry Hackett is here and, frank has even gone as far -- we were so eager to hear his new music. He said he won't put it up for consideration. He walks his own path. He doesn't give interviews and releases albums on his own. He released a video album and audio album. He does things a different kind of way not unlike prince. I have a feeling he was asked about what Kanye said in October if he's not nominated I'm not going and frank said I'm not interested. I don't think the academy has done right by African-American artists over the years. Only two or three album of the year winners so I'm not going to submit it and decides I'm going to protest. Does he have an argument? I think he has an argument specifically about the album of the year category. I think it would be hard-pressed to say African-Americans haven't been represented in the academy but I don't think it matters to his fans. Those who love him love the fact he does things his own way and winning a grammy is not important to them. The beatles during their career did not have a grammy. You said that before we started. The beatles don't have a grammy. You don't think this affects his career. It's not a bad career move. No, absolutely not. If he was in the music industry, yes, but not now. I don't think people care. Thank you. We care about you. Thank you very much.

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{"duration":"6:16","description":"The \"GMA\" team of insiders analyze some of the biggest stories trending this morning.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"43601729","title":"Engineer in Fatal NJ Train Crash Had Undiagnosed Sleep Apnea: Sources","url":"/GMA/video/engineer-fatal-nj-train-crash-undiagnosed-sleep-apnea-43601729"}