Woman Wins $18.6 Lawsuit Against Credit Bureau

Julie Miller sued Equifax when she says credit bureau wouldn't correct errors in her credit report.
2:25 | 07/30/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Woman Wins $18.6 Lawsuit Against Credit Bureau
Let's turn to a story to give some hope with anybody who has gotten tangled up with a credit company. Julie miller won big in court. 18.6 million. Rebecca jarvis here with that. Persistence really paid off here. Reporter: It did pay off here. A lot of people know this frustration. They're a key to getting a loan, a credit card, a home, a job. And one in four credit reports contains errors. This morning, a battle with equifax, with a win for the little guy. She is the face of consumers, winning and big. There was incorrect information. 40 debt collector information. And incorrect social security and birth dates. Reporter: Eight times between 2009 and 2011, julie miller says she contacted credit bureau equifax, filling out paperwork, even highlighting mistakes. After all that, she claims eqiufax never corrected the errors. Several times they mailed a standard form they have that requested more information. Yet, there was no change to any of the information. Reporter: She says the errors cost her credit at two banks. So, she finally sued the credit bureau. An oregon jury says she's entitled to one of the biggest settlements er. An $18.6 million award. I was shocked by the settlement. Reporter: Experts say credit bureaus should listen up. It's almost a message to the credit bureaus, you better get this information straight because consumers have recognized how important it is. And they're doing a better job of keeping on top of this information. Reporter: Equifax, won't say whether it disputes miller's claim. But told abc news, we are very disappointed in the jury verdict and are exploring our options. The consume earp did their job. However, somebody dropped the ball. That's why you're seeing such a huge punitive award. Reporter: Miller hopes it's a wake-up call. They're sending information to companies all over the world. It can affect your credit and your scores and your life. Reporter: Now, the only way to protect your report is to check it for free once a year at annualreport.Com. And if you see errors, report them to the credit bureau and the to banks. They should be fixed in about a month.

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{"id":19813017,"title":"Woman Wins $18.6 Lawsuit Against Credit Bureau","duration":"2:25","description":"Julie Miller sued Equifax when she says credit bureau wouldn't correct errors in her credit report.","url":"/GMA/video/equifax-lawuit-woman-wins-186-lawsuit-credit-bureau-19813017","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}