Erin Andrews' Theory of Fitness

Erin Andrews is joined by fitness coach Rachel Felix to demonstrate the intense workout she does to keep in shape.
4:00 | 01/10/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Erin Andrews' Theory of Fitness
second but my friend and fellow sportscaster is hire, Erin Andrews. That's right. We worked together and now we'll work out together kind of sort of. I'll talk it out. You're a little overdressed. A little bit. You're the spokesperson for Orange theory fitness and brought us Rachel, the coach, to teach us a few moves. Congratulations on in order. You got engaged. Finally. Finally. I'm already 100 years old so nice to do it before I'm one foot in the grave. Your fiance, how did he propose? Well, I am a huge Disney world, disneyland girl. I feel like I'm a princess, no, I'm kidding. We went there for Christmas to see the Christmas decorations and we had a lovely dinner there and he did it right there at dinner at disneyland, yes. Got on his knee. Got on the knee and then I'm going to cry then we went and saw the fireworks. Ah. And I was bawling like a child so -- You know what, you found your prince charming. I did, yep. You've been around sports your entire life. You are in incredible shape but why does Orange theory stand out to you. First of all, I am home maybe two to three days a week and then, you know, off to Dallas this weekend to do green bay/cowboys, in San Francisco, New York, all over the place and the best thing for me is Orange theory have over 550 locations in the United States so it works for anyone that wants to travel, right, yes. It gets my cardio in. My strength in and, yeah, we're in a group setting but really you're going up against yourself because as Rachel will explain it's all about heart rate technology. You try to outdo yourself every single time so you don't have to be insecure about other people, right, Rachel? Yes. In the class setting. It's a circuit-based workout so what are you going to demonstrate or show. Oh, dear. Yes. So we actually -- we actually do high intensity training. So she is going to show us some of our floor training so we'll do these. Yep. Kick that booty back. Sure, come on, stra. Fire up that lower body. Okay. The thing we love about squats is extra weight on top engaging that core. Engaging. Hold up. Now we'll switch it up to shoulder press. Switch it up. What is this? I put deodorant on. Great start to the day and focus on your range of mobility and strength and it's for anyone trying to get beautiful lines in the beginning of the new year right around your shoulder so really this is just a small portion of what we do here. I need to go back to the squat sfwhs go back to the squats. Feel the burn, Erin. Feel the burn. Now we got Mara and ginger working. I know -- I notice they're working but also they're -- shows up on the monitor the heart rate. Yep. So, again, we do a high intensity intervalue training, everyone wears a heart monitoring system which is over there. Ginger and Mara's heart rate on the screen over there. You see Mara on the tread here. This is where we're trying to elevate that heart rate. So you get that after burn where you can burn up to 36 hours after your workout on the tread. You can choose power walker, jogger, runner. This is what I love about Orange theory, every fitness level starting from a couch potato, fitness enthusiast like Mara or -- I'm not a runner, I'm a walker. I do it all on incline so gets your bum and your thighs so don't be intimidated with the running situation. I am full on walker. It's just as good. Your incline. What about ginger. One thing I love to row. You do. I love to row. Why? Because power driven movement. It's all legs here so this is what we call our ultimate calorie burner. These two things are what sets it apart in the fitness industry. It's working for Erin Andrews, I tell you that. Good job.

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{"duration":"4:00","description":"Erin Andrews is joined by fitness coach Rachel Felix to demonstrate the intense workout she does to keep in shape.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44667394","title":"Erin Andrews' Theory of Fitness","url":"/GMA/video/erin-andrews-theory-fitness-44667394"}