ESPN's Mike Greenberg Gets Personal in New Book

The "Mike and Mike" co-host weighs in on deflate-gate and talks about his new novel, "My Father's Wives."
3:19 | 01/23/15

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Transcript for ESPN's Mike Greenberg Gets Personal in New Book
Sports fans know Mike Greenberg is co-host of ESPN's "Mike & Mike," also a "New York times" best-selling author. He has a brand-new author out called "My father's wives." There you see it. Welcome back to "Gma." We'll talk about that in a second. You not only have mastered the long form of the novel but Twitter. Your hashtag shrinkage going crazy. As a lifelong I cannot say deflated becauses with a straight face, I can't do it so we have to come up with something else. #Shrinkage. Here's the bottom line on this, at the end of the day I think this had zero impact on the patriots winning Sunday. I think it has had zero impact on their overall success in the Brady and belichick era but the rules are in place for a reason. If they knowingly vie laid the rules they deserve some sort of discipline and I'm sure there will be some sort. They're going to be in the super bowl. Absolutely. I believe bill belichick yesterday more than I believed Tom Brady. The investigation will tell whatever it will tell. Someone will get slapped but there is no way -- I would be flabbergasted and I suppose I've been flabbergasted before but I would be flabbergasted if Tom Brady is not eligible to play. Seems like the investigation is being slow-walked a bit as Welch want to talk about the novel because I love the story about how you first got the idea. Well, I wanted to write a book that was a little -- was a first person male narrate tore in my voice, exactly but I needed to come up with a character. One night I was having dinner in Los Angeles with a friend of a friend, seated next to someone I had never let before and never seen again and he says to me, you know, my dad was married six types. For me mother's day was always the most expensive day of the year and I thought it was a funny line but then I thought to myself, that is fascinating. My dad is 82. I still talk to him literally every single day so couldn't be further from my experience but I thought there's my character and literally from something as random as that began this -- All over the country and world meeting every one of his father's wives. He had no relationship with his father from the time he was 9. His dad married five types later. Now he is an adult and his life is sort of falling apart and decides he needs once and for all find out who his dad was and travels around the world and meets the five women his father was married to after he left his life and by doing that he figures out who his dad and who he is. How do you find the time to do this. You can only schlepp around Mike Golic around for so long before you come up with something that requires intellectual stimulation so in the mornings we do #shrinkage and in the afternoon I find myself in the library. Thinking about another one. I need your help. I have two ideas. Notes on two books. One is another one sort of like this traditional family novel. The other is a thriller and sort of the "Gone girlesque" kind of genre. So you choose. Which one? You've done the family one. Go for the thriller. All right. Let's do it and get Ben Affleck to make a movie and scare the heck out of everybody. Aisle he be executive producer. I'll write on it, George stephanopoulos approved. Fantastic. Mike, I do approve. Always great having you. Thanks a lot. "My father's wives" is valuable in stores and online right now

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{"duration":"3:19","description":"The \"Mike and Mike\" co-host weighs in on deflate-gate and talks about his new novel, \"My Father's Wives.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"28428793","title":"ESPN's Mike Greenberg Gets Personal in New Book","url":"/GMA/video/espns-mike-greenberg-personal-book-28428793"}