Derek Jeter Accepts Icon Award

The legendary Yankees shortstop says it is a “gift” to be part of the sports community.
3:09 | 07/16/15

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Transcript for Derek Jeter Accepts Icon Award
Hi I'm Ben Affleck come from Boston. If you're from Boston. He always wanted to hate NX diary he. There was something about him that made the boos. Ring no hollow. Maybe it was his inimitable class. Maybe it was that he won with dignity and loss with grace. May be it was simply that we knew no matter what he was a winner regardless. Boston sports fans can be many things. But we know baseball. We respect those who play the game the way it was meant to be the way. He broke my heart a hundred times. If not more. And he broke it again when he retired. As he was absolutely one of the very best ever to play the game of baseball. So do you Derek Jeter tip my hat. And I thank you for every last moment of your incredible career. We made the game better. Ladies and gentlemen the recipient of the SB icon award. Derek Jeter. This so bad I know I know it. Paying him say everyone of those words so. Thank you very much ass. As some of you may know I've had a special relationship with you know fans my teammates. Over the last Tony years but you and retirement. I've come to realize that being a part of the larger community of sports. Is it is a gift. And more importantly it's an honor. You know when you play and you have fans in your teammates to root for you. You have your opponents you have your rivals they motivates you look for me it was always fellow athletes from all different sports who inspired. Side as well I take this moment to thank everyone here is congratulated. All the athletes the winners and nominees. And everyone here because you guys all deserving inspired me for years. You continue to inspire me. I'm I want to thank my family and my sisters here today. My family and friends for all their support. You know my T makes. Yankee fans throughout the country greatest fans. Won't all. Its. From. Lot of it is far their families. Since 1995 rose twenty years old frame into a mess from thirty five's. So I want to thank ESPN for giving me this award. You know I'll continue to be a part of sports and hopefully. A continue to be able to help athletes share their stories with bats a thank you very much and congratulations.

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{"duration":"3:09","description":"The legendary Yankees shortstop says it is a “gift” to be part of the sports community.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"32482449","title":"Derek Jeter Accepts Icon Award","url":"/GMA/video/espy-awards-derek-jeter-accepts-icon-award-32482449"}