ESPY Awards: U.S. Women's Soccer Wins Best Team

Abby Wambach says the team won the game “for America.”
2:26 | 07/15/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ESPY Awards: U.S. Women's Soccer Wins Best Team
Present funny me bears fan. And you one of the greatest actors of all time. We're up here to present the award for best team. Coming up here I think that. We judge did you make a pretty good team but when it comes to football we're obviously huge rivals. Yeah doesn't Chicago have to win. Everyone's allowed or to be a real rivalry. I do not know where this animosity is coming from. But if you wanna throw on some wranglers and throw the football around with a couple of guys next to a pickup truck to get past that I'm game I'm into it. Let's not. Now here are the nominees for best the and yes he goes to. US women's soccer. Opt out Carl team. Thank everybody here you guys believed in us the entire seven games since four years ago when we fell short. To ten isn't the ten days ago what we want it we live picture of me. We did this America and our fans you got the vast we love you saw its. I'm so happy that I have these girls celebrate this with it's been the best in. Ten days of our lives. We're gonna celebrate it but the as soon hang out all of us later. I really thank you guys so much EST and what an honor we are gonna celebrate this even more and I thank you so much rather. Yes.

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{"id":32483002,"title":"ESPY Awards: U.S. Women's Soccer Wins Best Team","duration":"2:26","description":"Abby Wambach says the team won the game “for America.”","url":"/GMA/video/espy-awards-us-womens-soccer-wins-best-team-32483002","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}