Exclusive: Al Qaeda in Kentucky Prompts Terror Fears

Officials fear "dozens" of terrorists could have slipped in country as refugees.
3:10 | 11/20/13

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Transcript for Exclusive: Al Qaeda in Kentucky Prompts Terror Fears
And now to the frightening headline. An abc news exclusive. Al qaeda operatives living right here in the united states. Slipping through the cracks of a refugee program. Abc's brian ross is here with much more. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning, robin. The fbi is now investigating whether dozens of al qaeda terrorists with american blood on their hands from iraq and afghanistan, have been able to move to the u.S., Claiming to be refugees. It was a flawed system of u.S. Background checks that came to light in the case of al qaeda in kentucky. The city of bowling green, kentucky, seems far removed from concerns about terrorists. Until the fbi discovered that two al qaeda terrorists from iraq had been resettled here two years ago as refugees. And were caught trying to obtain weapons to be used to kill more americans. In this video, being seen publicly for the first time this morning. I think they wanted to kill americans. But I think they wanted the freedom that america provided to them. Reporter: Before coming to kentucky, the two were part of an al qaeda-connected group that carried out dozens of attacks on u.S. Soldiers in iraq. He had them for lunch and dinner, meaning he had killed them. Reporter: Including one roadside bomb that killed four members of the pennsylvania national guard. These individuals are innately evil. Reporter: The two terrorists, were able to get through what an abc news investigation discovered was a flawed u.S. System of background checks. Even though both men had been detained by iraqi authorities on suspicion of being insurgents. If you're asking my opinion, I would say the system failed. Otherwise, they wouldn't have been here in the first place. Reporter: A big breakthrough came from this warehouse. An fbi repository of some 100,000 bombs used against american targets around the world. This is a box that contains the device. Reporter: Fbi technicians, poring over the remnants were able to match the fingerprints from a roadside bomb, recovered in iraq, with one in kentucky. You can see right here. Reporter: What was it like when you made the match? The whole team was ecstatic. It was like finding a needle in a haystack. Reporter: Now, the fbi says there could be dozens of others in the u.S., Whose fingerprints may also be on the bomb parts stored here. We're supporting dozens of counterterrorism investigations like that. Reporter: Dozens of cases? Correct. Reporter: You're looking for prints of people who are in this country now? That's correct. Reporter: The discovery of al qaeda in kentucky led to a six-month suspension of the refugee program, which has allowed tens of thousands of legitimate iraqi refugees to come here. Now, the immigration service says it has tightened security on background checks. And as to whether any other terrorists got through, officials say there are a lot of checkings going on. I'm sure there are. But the fingerprints, and the way they were able to check like that. A huge operation. Going through 14,000 fingerprint matches for 1 bomb alone. And they found the prints from eight years ago. Thank you. We're going to turn to the

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{"duration":"3:10","description":"Officials fear \"dozens\" of terrorists could have slipped in country as refugees.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20948892","title":"Exclusive: Al Qaeda in Kentucky Prompts Terror Fears","url":"/GMA/video/exclusive-al-qaeda-kentucky-prompts-terror-fears-20948892"}