Expert tips on how to curb your sugar intake around the holidays

Expert tips on how to curb your sugar intake around the holidays
4:01 | 12/22/17

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Transcript for Expert tips on how to curb your sugar intake around the holidays
Elliott good connection retreat so. How can you satisfy that sweet tooth and indulge the Smart way we asked the experts so take a look. So many just can't get enough of those holiday sweet treat. It's sugar releases dope to me and OP Lloyd's in the brain which are substances that are known to be. Released in the reward center of the brain some people can take one bite of a dessert and be satisfied and for others one by at something sweet as a trigger to. Really lead to a bench. So how can you have your cake and needed to pilot your dinner plate with protein and vegetables you'll be less hungry when you hit the dessert table. Having a cocktail skipped the mixed drinks. Try a little coffee after dinner and before dessert caffeine sometimes helps curb your appetite. In a statement to ABC news the sugar association says we recommend in joined sugar in moderation and living an active lifestyle. Award winning chef Graham Elliot partner Ed getting in Sweden restaurant and one of the stars of robbers top chef. Knows a thing or two about keeping it healthy and 2013 he began a journey of wellness that led to a 150 pound weight. Loss I think it's important to try to come up with some alternatives that you can have that great delicious holiday flavor but not all of the calories. You can substitute certain ingredients for other ones so instead of having to rely on you know rich heavy ice cream to lot of things like that. You can do whipped Greek yogurt a little bit honey your little god hey neck and it's gonna sweep enough you still get that texture that beautiful cream in this. Other things like fruits roasted and getting flavor out of that and and highlighting it as opposed to adding that put it in across what you know how the sugar and butter. Take his apple tart a low calorie spin on the classic apple pie. It's whole roasted spiced filled with with the Greek yogurt lemon or honey. And then topless roasted almonds close your eyes and tasty you get that warm sweetness hot cold. Creamy rituals. Okay. Now you have a degree in nutrition at people think one sweeteners better than the other there are some natural ones in sugar dot Darche into the cleared up press yes is now okay all of these different sugar or sweeteners do have their own profile in terms of what they do in the mouth for dental health and how they act in the -- their icy make profile. But in the brain. Anything sweet activates the reward senator which is very similar to the drug reward center handy eight Ryan Moore sugar not in the brain a lot of people think it'd -- -- and that's very interesting okay so from a medical standpoint what's happening to our bodies when the EP sugary prop Willis an obviously sugar causes fat and fat is a hormone really active since the tissue it's empty calories there's no nutrition area increases the insulin level. That then leads to inflammation. This can damage blood vessels and all of this can do a lot of bad things one of them increasing the risk for infection so. Sugar really really not good for our waistline ourselves our organs our plans are right so we know about like eating some of these sugary things that we shouldn't be eating out what. People really is all of the holiday drinks that have a lot of should come as averages is what I consider low hanging fruit in terms of your target to reduce sugar. All of these beverages can have a well over your daily recommended that cannot hot cocoa all of them insider as they can have double and I just show you. What that looks lake. And let's say in an average eggnog five. Teaspoons of sugar there's no way out you would ever put this yeah into your drink Friday. So again in there in moderation OK if you're being good the rest of the year you can have a couple of sets but if you do with these every day you're gonna get into trouble. Okay. And Taylor I was gonna get our audience just how unhappy doctors' orders are right irate didn't handle this one right back and another pretense thinking so much.

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{"duration":"4:01","description":"Expert tips on how to curb your sugar intake around the holidays ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"51944656","title":"Expert tips on how to curb your sugar intake around the holidays ","url":"/GMA/video/expert-tips-curb-sugar-intake-holidays-51944656"}