Explosives Found Near Sochi Ahead of Olympics

Russian authorities were investigating the discovery of five bodies.
3:00 | 01/09/14

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Transcript for Explosives Found Near Sochi Ahead of Olympics
Concerning security now ahead of the upcoming winter olympics in russia, there is word of an anti-terrorist operation being conducted this morning and not far from where the games will be held in sochi. Let's get right to abc's kirit radia following this. Reporter: That's right. We're hearing about a massive anti-terrorism sweep taking place in the region not far from sochi. We're told that this latest sweep was sparked by the discovery of several explosives in cars around that region, one of which exploded when police tried to approach the vehicle. Also inside that vehicle, several dead bodies and we're not exactly sure why that is but police there clearly not taking any chances. This coming just a week after two explosions rocked the city of volgograd leaving dozens dead. This week, russia put in place a massive security operation designed to protect those games from a terrorist attack. But the u.S. Ski team is not taking any chances. They've hired their own evacuation plan and they've got five planes ready to take them out of city if anything happens. Again with today's operation nobody is saying it's terrorism but with just three weeks to go before the games nobody is taking any chances. Josh? Thank you, kirit radia in moscow.

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{"id":21473695,"title":"Explosives Found Near Sochi Ahead of Olympics","duration":"3:00","description":"Russian authorities were investigating the discovery of five bodies.","url":"/GMA/video/explosives-found-sochi-ahead-olympics-21473695","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}