Extended Hours, Big Deals on Final Days of Christmas Shopping

Retailers are trying to capitalize on the last two days of holiday season.
3:00 | 12/23/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Extended Hours, Big Deals on Final Days of Christmas Shopping
stores for last-minute holiday shoppers. It's getting ugly out there. Fighting breaking out over the big bargains. Reena ninan is on the scene in macy's. Reporter: This macy's has been opened since friday morning. These slippers, $22. Stores are doing everything to win over your dollar, including getting creative with christmas delivery. Start the clock. Just two days to go before christmas, time is running out. For last-minute shoppers. Some getting downright violent. Whoa! Reporter: The coveted new air jordan sneakers sparking brawls across the country. Procrastinators are scrambling to find the best deals and the perfect gifts. I'm going in and out. Reporter: This year, not just shoppers sweating it out. It's also retailers. With bad weather affecting large parts of the country and an unusually short shopping season, no wonder sales are down from last year. Today and tomorrow are critical for retailers to make up for lost ground. We have seen it ramp up in the last few days. You're getting people with a heightened sense of urgency. Reporter: And if you think that this year's deals seem bet than ever, you may be right. Discounts are up 13% from last year. Saved a lot of money today. That was nice. Reporter: In addition to huge savings, many stores are trying to lure customers by extending their hours. Some are staying open all day and night until christmas eve. From coast to coast, online shoppers are scrambling to place orders that will arrive in time for christmas. Sears, kmart, toys "r" us offering special deliver ris. On amazon, some items can be ordered christmas eve for delivery in time for santa. 37 macy's across the country open through christmas eve. Coming up in the next hour I'll tell you do secret retailers don't want you to know about deals today and tomorrow. George? Did someone say deals? Ginger zee back inside. Boy, so cold in the midwest.

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{"id":21307956,"title":"Extended Hours, Big Deals on Final Days of Christmas Shopping","duration":"3:00","description":"Retailers are trying to capitalize on the last two days of holiday season.","url":"/GMA/video/extended-hours-big-deals-final-days-christmas-shopping-21307956","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}