Extreme Closet Makeovers to Organize Your Life

John DeSilvia offers tips on how to transform your closets to maximize storage space.
4:23 | 02/15/13

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Transcript for Extreme Closet Makeovers to Organize Your Life
This morning, we're tackling your closet and showing you how you can give yours a dream makeover. Take a look. Ah, closets. There's the dreamy kind we see in movies that make us green with envy. Oh, my god. Reporter: And then, there are the real kind, like the one that lauren sacks has. My closet can have tentacles that come out in the middle of the night. Reporter: The new york housewife and mom says her closet is home to everything. Dresses, costumes for her daughter, lydia. Forgotten toys and gift wrap. And three different wardrobes. I have the mommy wardrobe. The back to work wardrobe. She needs to put everything in separate sections so she can sort of find what she needs. Reporter: What does she need? I need a closet makeover. Reporter: Fortunately, we knew just who to call. John desilvia, from the diy network's "rescue my renovation." John had a plan. It's a mess, isn't it? Reporter: Step one, make your closet a priority, like any other room in the house. It's kind of like the last room in someone's home, that they think of renovating. And it becomes the most unorganized spot in the house. Reporter: Step two, never underestimate the importance of good drawers. You want an investment piece, have a custom closet made with drawers. Reporter: And step three, utilize your space. Don't sell the power of high ceilings or a deep closet short. One week later, it was time for the moment of closeted truth. Take a look at maude's closet before the makeover. And look at it now. The discount dresser is gone. In its place, a closet maid system, constructed of cherrywood. Dozens of drawers. Matching trays for her jewelry. For her shoes, built-in reinforced wracks. Odds and ends, carefully labeled. The closet that could barely fit one person can easily hold four. This is unbelievable. I can't believe there's that kind of space in there. That's a dream. We're here to have john desilvia, from "rescue my renovation" with tips with e can really use. This is something we all deal with. The closet is such an parent zone of our world. And there's never enough space. We think about it. There's not enough space. In maude's world, it looked like a $1 million project. But you're saying we don't need to have that kind of budget? We went to closet maid's website. You just input the dimensions. They'll ask you questions. How many long garments? Shoes? They lay it all out? You lay it out on their website. And they design the closet for you. It's delivered to your house. Did you have to measure and stuff? Take the length, the width and the height. That's it. Put it into the website. They design the closet for you. Deliver it to your house. You put it together. About $1,000 if you do it yourself. If you hire a general contractor, he's going to charge you $5,000 to $10,000 to build you a custom closet. And vanilla ice was just on. He says closets are a great selling point. There's a couple of luxury items you recommend. Not a lot of time. But we want to tell everybody. This is a rolling ladder. The rd-to-reach places, this makes everything easy to get to. Take advantage of the high ceilings. And it looks beautiful, doesn't it? What's with the safe? The safe is great. I tuck it away in the corner of the closet, bolted to the floor. You can keep your valuables in here. Jewelry, important papers. As opposed to keeping it in a safety deposit box. If you have space, it's a luxury to have a chair. If you have a large walk-in closet, you can turn it into your own personal dressing room. Great simple tips on how to get the good life. We have more to come. We thank you so much. Check him out on diy.

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{"duration":"4:23","description":"John DeSilvia offers tips on how to transform your closets to maximize storage space.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18512232","title":"Extreme Closet Makeovers to Organize Your Life","url":"/GMA/video/extreme-closet-makeovers-organize-life-18512232"}