Extreme Weather Causes Problems Across the Country

Severe fog causes two-hour delays and cancellations at LaGuardia Airport.
3:00 | 02/22/14

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Transcript for Extreme Weather Causes Problems Across the Country
Nasty mix of twisters high winds and flooding rain check this -- this is lightning. Hitting a skyscraper. In Nashville unbelievable -- and then take a look at this picture in Atlanta howling winds sent -- towering pine tree crashing onto a house hunting holes. Through the bedroom fortunately no one it was -- in all the past 48 hours some 600 storms reported across town 600 starter immediate forecast in a moment we kick up our coverage this morning ABC's Martha Gonzales at New York's LaGuardia Airport scene of massive delays overnight. I can attest this personally -- I arrived at eleven last night. Can -- Leslie before the -- death. That's painful -- I'm sorry to hear that yet you are one of many there were thousands of flights delayed yesterday. Here in New York travelers were held up for more than two hours because of -- elsewhere all kinds of problems. Blamed on a mixed bag of extreme leather. This morning cleanup is underway after another brutal round of severe weather -- Friday tornadoes leveling homes in Ohio. And plowing the trail of destruction in Maryland I can hear it coming does he got really loud and I have my -- daughter to go ahead in the basement. Severe flooding from Indiana across to Pennsylvania forcing evacuees into the water -- streets. All of this on top of Thursday night's storm. Parts of the country barely recovered from recent blast of winter -- now coping with a fresh dose of disaster. Across eight states reports of 23 tornadoes touching down. -- -- -- -- -- Entire neighborhoods in Alabama reduced to splinters by violent winds after Matt Houston is bad -- -- -- Leading to emotional rescues in the rubble. I'm glad nobody's. Nobody's heart. Watch as security cameras capture of violent wave of debris as the 160. Mile per hour winds -- the roof of this Tennessee high school. North and east melting ice and snow wreaking -- In Huntington Indiana crews using back goes to break up ice -- as the wabash river in the dates their city this weather is brutal. -- firefighters rushing to the rescue as this home collapsed under the weight of the winter weather. Still many nationwide feeling the brunt of the winter whiplash flights grounded across the country. And some of those problems are lingering already today we've seen several hundred delays and cancellations. And be on -- there are still people who are stranded from cancellation. Days ago. And fortunate for them thank you Marcy. And so there anymore extreme weather in store for us let's bring in meteorologist Jason Nicholas from WE WS and Cleveland good morning -- -- -- at the -- -- the answer is an. -- fact that day he had -- what do you -- got a good morning good morning to you great to be here huge weather day wild weather yes severe weather can happen even in February take a look at this map -- eight states more than twenty tornadoes in fact in Illinois itself eight tornadoes storm surveyors are out there they -- -- -- that is a -- more storm damage reports look at -- -- the severe weather thankfully now has moved off across the east. Each of those blue dot indicates where wind damage was. We also had hail damage and of course those tornado reports now the big weather stories we had over the next couple of days certainly across the eastern 30 eastern half of the country another Arctic blast -- very cold -- we're talking about air temperatures. Not getting out of the single digits across many spots. Even down the deep south where temperatures can only top out in the twenties we'll talk more about that -- local forecast coming up in about fifteen minutes.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Severe fog causes two-hour delays and cancellations at LaGuardia Airport.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22630694","title":"Extreme Weather Causes Problems Across the Country","url":"/GMA/video/extreme-weather-problems-country-22630694"}