Tornadoes Strike in Midwest, Southern States

ABC News' extreme weather team tracks the latest storms happening across the country.
3:22 | 05/12/14

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Transcript for Tornadoes Strike in Midwest, Southern States
Now to the relentless severe weather. Tornadoes ripping through the nation's heartland causing heavy damage. ABC's Ryan Owens was in hard-hit Sutton, Nebraska for us. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning. Take a look at this street. This could be main street usa in any small town in America. Look at this town. This is the corner grocery here. Not just the awning down but look up there. Some major structural damage to the roof. What's remarkable here despite all of this destruction no one here was killed or even seriously hurt. Violent tornado there forming. Reporter: Nebraska is in the heart of tornado alley and it took a direct hit. Go! Reporter: 15 tornadoes reported in this one state. There's another one. Reporter: In just three hours Sunday night. This twister did the most damage. To the small town of Sutton. Here's what its iconic main street looked like before the touchdown and here it is this morning. It was very quick. It went over real fast. Reporter: The series of tornadoes along with straight-line winds of over 70 miles an hour uprooted trees, knocked down power lines and tossed this semi to the side of the highway. That's a tornado! Reporter: All capping off a weekend of treacherous weather. Oh, no, oh, there goes the roof. Oh. Oh, no. Reporter: Watch how quickly this ef-2 tornado decimates rooftops in Missouri Saturday. Its massive debris field littering the skies. 120-mile-per-hour winds destroying this silo. Oh, no. The whole town is in it. Reporter: To the west in Colorado, mother nature delivering a mother's day whiteout. Up to a foot of snow in the rockies. Icy conditions causing several pileups near Denver where officials have 70 plows working on the roads just to prepare for this morning's commute. So just how did everyone here in Nebraska survive this outbreak? Well, emergency managers credit a couple of things, first, everyone had plenty of warning. Meteorologists had been warning about it for days and heard the sirens go off. Also, robin, this happened around dinnertime when the sun was still out so people were able to see the danger before it hit. Yeah, that and the fact that they did listen to those warnings. Ryan, thank you very much. We'll check in now with ginger. More severe weather in the forecast. Right, here's your warning for today. A large area. We're talking from Cleveland along that warm front back through parts of Wisconsin all the way down again through Arkansas, Missouri, even as far south as San Antonio. So we're all in that Orange area. U.s. This afternoon and evening looking for the strong winds, large hail, even a few tornadoes possible and then we have to talk about what happens behind it and that would be some much colder air. Want to talk about those fires in the panhandle of Texas. Right, and just northeast of Amarillo. They had 700 people evacuated. 100 homes destroyed in a place called frich. That colder air and higher humidity has taken over seeing the fire start to subside. Great news but comes along with snow. I have a lot of headlines coming up in your nation's weather. You do. Thanks. The other news headlines we

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{"id":23677869,"title":"Tornadoes Strike in Midwest, Southern States","duration":"3:22","description":"ABC News' extreme weather team tracks the latest storms happening across the country.","url":"/GMA/video/extreme-weather-tornadoes-strike-midwest-southern-states-23677869","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}