High School Sweethearts Shed Combined 300-Plus Pounds

Jason and Rachel Cornellier reached out to "Extreme Weight Loss" host Chris Powell for help.
4:39 | 07/03/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for High School Sweethearts Shed Combined 300-Plus Pounds
All right. Now, to a coupling who transformed both their health and their marriage. Last night on "extreme weight loss," we met rachel and jason, who reached out to trainer chris powell, after gaining a combined total of 350 pounds during their relationship. We'll talk to chris in just a moment. First, take a look at the year that put jason and rachel's bodies through the band and to the test. Together for 13 years, rachel and jason are 350 pounds overweight. Hello? Rachel? Yes. What's up? It's chris powell. My god. What? Reporter: And they're about to be chris powell's first married couple. I choose both of you for the transformation of your life Reporter: Parents to 5-year-old twins, jason and rachel have used food to bury the problems in their marriage, including a separation during which time rachel reconnected with an old boyfriend. I feel like I did something wrong. But I feel like after seven years, we should be over this. Reporter: Rachel's starting weight, 290 pounds. Jason's 362. Come on, jay. Reporter: Without a minute to waste, chris gets started. For the next 90 days, together, you will lose 150 pounds. Okay. Reporter: At their 90-day weigh-in, both see incredible results. You lost 75 pounds. Reporter: Losing a combined 150 pounds proves more difficult. We have trouble-shooting to do. Chris gets them in the gym and kicks up the intensity. I'm feeling good about this now, guys. Reporter: And by the nine-month mark, things are back on track. Rachel, you lost 29 pounds over the last 3 months. You, my friend, have lost 147 pounds in the last 9 months. Reporter: Working was a team, this couple is unstoppable. Jason and rachel a year ago. 350 pounds overweight. The all-new jason and rachel. Reporter: Rachel lost 145 pounds in just 1 year. Jason lost an astounding 165 pounds. They lost a total of 369 pounds. Two terrific kids. Gorgeous wife. Everything is perfect right now. What a transformation. Now, let's talk to the man who helped jason and rachel drop all of that weight. Extreme weight loss specialist, and the author of "choose more, lose more for life," chris powell, come on out. how are you doing? How are you? Good. This is really a great project. I can't believe how -- what a transformation, what a makeover, a life makeover, a health makeover, you've given this couple. It's incredible. It was my first time working with a married coup. I thought working with one person was enough. But the moment you add somebody else, it changes it completely. We saw a little bit in the piece. All sorts of marital issues can come up. Competitive issues. If he fall office the wagon and begins to eat, I'll do sympathy eating with you. How do you handle that? Realistic expectations off the bat. They get competitive, as where they're trying to help each other and support each other, a lot of times, the guy's going to lose faster than the girl. And sometimes there's animosity there. Realistic expectations off the bat. And communication, communication, so important. We talked about that competitiveness. What are the other pitfalls you deal with when you deal with a couple when it comes to a weight loss plan? You said it off the bat. A lot of times, when wen person begins to struggle and have a hard time, the other person will gain sympathy weight with them. It's difficult because couples are trying to keep the status quo. The last thing they want is to struggle in their relationship. But it's nice to do this with somebody, to diet on your own while everybody's having big plates of pasta. When two people embrace this, and understand that one person might do better. As long as you're working towards a shared vision, I see relationships grow to whole, new levels, just going through a process like this because it's that shared experience. Not a lot of people get to go through it together. It was great to watch. Chris powell, thank you for being here. You can see more amazing transformations every week on "extreme weight loss," airing tuesdays at 8:00, 7:00 central here on abc.

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{"id":19564785,"title":"High School Sweethearts Shed Combined 300-Plus Pounds","duration":"4:39","description":"Jason and Rachel Cornellier reached out to \"Extreme Weight Loss\" host Chris Powell for help.","url":"/GMA/video/extreme-weight-loss-2013-high-school-sweethearts-shed-19564785","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}