Blizzard Conditions Blanket Northeast

Winter storm brings up to 2 feet of snow in Boston.
3:00 | 01/03/14

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Transcript for Blizzard Conditions Blanket Northeast
Here in Central Park we've got about six inches of the fresh fluffy snow the winds were blowing making it feel like it was sub zero -- this is nothing compared to what so much of the nation. Feeling this morning look at some of the numbers Boston now well over a foot of snow just north and west of Boston they had two feet -- -- And in Chicago well over a -- a lot of Summers -- but even at O'Hare midway really close. And then of course the numbers even in Delaware very high and distorted next question what is -- pulling the way it is pulling away very quickly here but we detecting where some of the windy conditions -- perhaps Massachusetts we find Ron Claiborn. -- their gender -- really what is the epicenter of this nor'easter the hardest hit area in terms of wind and snow but we're looking at about maybe a foot fifteen inches may be more of snow wind gusts recorded just a couple of miles away from here. A 55 miles an hour and look out here this is an inlet. Just 810 hours ago it was flowing water is now frozen over looking like some of those scenes. We've seen out of Antarctica. This week the S snow is now abating so is the wind but -- been a rough rough ride overnight. Don't. Nor'easter night. -- Overnight the mammoth winter storm exploding all the way from Pennsylvania to Maine. Freezing blizzard like conditions wins moment in -- 39 miles an hour. Snow falling in some areas at a rate of one inch of every hour -- a slushy mess for drivers. I'm gone sideways -- -- four -- driving at -- easy. Boston hit hard overnight with about a foot of heavy snow. Schools and even the state government shut down. So much snow there streets transformed. Into ski slopes. And of Bridget fare well Boston's longtime Mayor Tom Menino stepping down from office after twenty. I guess -- that you -- to give me one more gift for. New York City slammed overnight with about six inches of snow. And still -- Governor Cuomo featuring a state of emergency urging people to stay off the street. In coastal Massachusetts and flood warnings -- -- waves crashing them. You'll see water really valuable to -- -- -- into the buckle. And as far south as North Carolina it wasn't heavy snow but icy roads that at this car sliding onto its side. The chilling storm already ripping through states like Indiana and Michigan creating chaos on roadways even -- Could escape freezing. Conditions still a pretty bad here very cold was gonna get a lot colder -- -- temperature expected to plunge. A later today going -- to be minus single digits and wind chills even colder -- back -- Ron thank you in -- so much improvement on the way but is not going to be clean on the rails or on the roads and for a traffic -- -- is so much -- -- go to WABC's. At least Colin -- she is in Hong -- my New York that is Long Island -- -- some rough winds there overnight to thirty to 35 miles per hour Lisa. Still experiencing blizzard like conditions out here on Long Island the wind is blowing in -- snow continues to -- up about eight inches out here -- -- complement our New York governor Andrew Cuomo took a preemptive strike against this storm shutting down major highways. At midnight the Long Island Expressway shut down no cars allowed on it they one of the plows ability get there. Plow the roads with no obstructions no other vehicles on the road. They are urging people to use mass transit the Long Island railroad operating on a weekend schedule. Limited serve -- but the roads are simply too tractors are asking if people can stay home. To do so.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Winter storm brings up to 2 feet of snow in Boston.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21410585","title":"Blizzard Conditions Blanket Northeast","url":"/GMA/video/extreme-winter-weather-blizzard-conditions-blanket-northeast-21410585"}