Eyebrow Transplants: When Thin's Not In

These women opt for eyebrow transplants to improve fullness in thinning brows.
2:39 | 12/28/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Eyebrow Transplants: When Thin's Not In
-- arch the attitude is your eyes -- the window figure stole then your -- -- out for the please. People still love Brooke Shields gorgeous eyebrows Kim part dashing -- -- wrapped up almost developed -- Coke bottling. You don't like -- it can be. I think. Hello embarrassing and -- effects myself a stand. Heard ten years Pamela -- -- watched as bald spots appeared in her eyebrows -- who else has sophisticated. Ground and I. That's what I'm looking for turned to -- -- new -- -- for an eyebrow she transplant. The procedure existed before but doctors used to use the ten pairs. I've been spotted in the distance smiling so doctor -- pioneered a way to harvest hair from a woman's arms and legs or Nathan yeah. Dead much more resembles natural fiber. It's painstaking work done one hair at a time for the transplant takes two and a half hours in all. After three weeks we go back to -- Pamela OK ladies let's. Yeah. So tell me what you're seeing thinning hair and lot larger and thicker exactly what -- on it. -- and Morrison once had been sparse eyebrows too. After her transplant you can see the outline of her soon to be -- browns. Yeah. Sarah to rush had -- transplant five months ago. She was so frustrated with -- eyebrows before that she resorted to painful -- -- to get a dramatic brow. Now my -- live there any. Even older than normal I am absolutely -- 100%. Here's Sarah -- for the procedure even with the tattoos you can see how few -- she had. This is Sarah today the awkward initial hairs that were transplanted fish dead and new -- have -- in naturally. When you can Mir and you get a little surprise in recent. I felt like -- totally different person myself so much more confident. Not -- -- eyebrows exactly. For Good Morning America Elizabeth -- ABC news Redondo Beach, California. We should also remember it's not just cosmetic or number of medical issues as as you pointed out that this could really be helpful but this is expensive. Gang. It's six to 8000 dollars depending on how much here so it's not it's not like where everybody's got an -- -- -- yet the media and.

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{"id":18082015,"title":"Eyebrow Transplants: When Thin's Not In","duration":"2:39","description":"These women opt for eyebrow transplants to improve fullness in thinning brows.","url":"/GMA/video/eyebrow-transplants-thins-18082015","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}