Facebook Unveils New Tools to Help With Breakups

The company is testing new controls that mean you don't have to unfriend your ex.
2:52 | 11/20/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Facebook Unveils New Tools to Help With Breakups
Facebook really changed the way you share your lives with your friends and family but things can get awkward as we all know especially what if you break up. All that is about to change, though. Juju Chang is with us to explain how. Juju, do tell. You know, Lara, everybody knows breakups are extremely painful and now Facebook is feeling our pain. They're allowing us to create a little virtual distance between you and your ex. You can now untangle your digital history without your ex even knowing it. Breaking up can be hard to do. Yeah. According to Facebook your ex-girlfriend becca just got engaged. And being bombarded on Facebook by happy picture, posts and news about a heartbreaking ex can just make it worse. I didn't want to see him. I. I just see thing on my ex's feeds that don't want to see. How it pops up on my feed is weird. Facebook is hoping to ease the pain this morning launching a new set of tools dubbed take a break letting users wipe their romantic slate clean with just the push of a button. Now when you change your stat us from in a relationship to single it'll automatically give you an option to remove your exes from your newsfeed. Untag yourself from old photos and prevent your exes from seeing any of your updates all without having to unfriend or block them. In a blog post the social media giant writing "We hope these tools will help people end relationships on Facebook with greater ease, comfort and sense of control." For some, it's a long overdue feature for theit Se which practically invented the relationship status. In the digital age what this is like is like getting rid of that box of stuff or hiding some of the photos. In "The social network" even the Hollywood version of mark Zuckerberg couldn't avoid his ex online. More than a billion people use it every day now and it's just -- it's kind of ingrained in like how we communicate. Reporter: And as many prepare for the upcoming holiday season perhaps this tool can help X one person off their list. Facebook is smart to roll it off because we're kicking off breakup season, the weeks before the holidays is when a number of breakups happen. I didn't even know there was a breakup season. You don't want to bring anyone home to meet your mom or dad. Or you don't want to buy them a gift for the holidays. For now that ability to undo your tags, you have to do one-on-one on your phone only available on digital but you have to ask yourself even those memories are now bittersweet. Do you really want them to disappear forever. You might change your mind so might want to put the pause on that. I'm glad I got out of this before this exploded. It's complicated. Thanks for unraveling it. Juju, always good to see you.

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{"duration":"2:52","description":"The company is testing new controls that mean you don't have to unfriend your ex.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35321862","title":"Facebook Unveils New Tools to Help With Breakups","url":"/GMA/video/facebook-unveils-tools-breakups-35321862"}