'Facekini' Extreme-Tanning Protection Makes Its Way to US

The facekini, used in China to protect beachgoers from dangerous UV rays, is popping up in high fashion spreads.
2:59 | 08/29/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Facekini' Extreme-Tanning Protection Makes Its Way to US
We'll be there soon. We kick off our "Heat index" with the facekini. I'm just going to say it. The forecast. What is a facekini. They're calling it the latest fashion statement. It protects your skin from the harmful rays and may scare away all over beachgoers. Sara Haines with the story. When you think of a Kini, you think of showing off your skin. With this facekini, the exact opposite is true. ? Reporter: Soaking up some rays for the last official weekend of summer, you need to come prepared with the essentials. Beach chair, check. Blanket, check. Cooler, check. Facekini, what? The facekini is a huge trend in China used for uv protection from the sun. And now high fashion is taking notice. Cr fashion book putting out this spread pairing couture clothing from designers like Gucci and David yourman with facekinis which you can get for under $18. But I had to know how does the everyday beachgoer feel about the facekini? Do I still look cute? Have you ever seen one of these before. Only in like a wrestling match like nacho Libre style. Reporter: Can you imagine if everyone on the beach was wearing one of these? No. Can you kiss with it on? Reporter: While some thought it was a hit, others were not fond of the facekini. What are you wearing? Reporter: Okay, maybe not mainstream but perhaps the facekini will catch on with the health and fashion conscious Hollywood crowd. After all, it's not a far stretch from this getup Madonna wore just last week completely covered from the rays in ibiza and January nigella Lawson took no chances wearing what some have called a brkini. You have to be pretty confident to wear something like this but if your skin is something you care about and want to protect it, I think you can wear it in a very stylish way. There is one peril the facekini wearer must be ready to, well, face. This is way too hard. Much better. Okay. So I tried to talk David Muir into putting this on. He said don't touch my hair. That never happened. But gio said he might put it on. I notice that he picked the one that matches his tie so thank you tore that. You might be robbing someone at the beach when you wear that. I'm not going to lie. I scared a lot of people on the beach. Can you breathe. I don't know what's going on. That's the no he hole. It's like a ski mask. This is my new look, people. I never thought gio could make something look not that attractive. As we look at gio, we ask you, would you wear one? No. Here's what you had to say. 11% said yes. That's actually shocking. That's shocking. 89% said no go. I think that was 11 people.

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{"id":25173309,"title":"'Facekini' Extreme-Tanning Protection Makes Its Way to US","duration":"2:59","description":"The facekini, used in China to protect beachgoers from dangerous UV rays, is popping up in high fashion spreads.","url":"/GMA/video/facekini-extreme-tanning-protection-makes-us-25173309","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}