Famed Gambler Archie Karas Accused of Cheating

Police take famous high roller into custody for cheating at blackjack.
2:23 | 09/28/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Famed Gambler Archie Karas Accused of Cheating
roller. Archie karas with the longest winning streak in history. This morning, he's accused of cheating. Aditi roy is covering this from our los angeles bureau. Reporter: It's a wild story. It may be game over for this world-famous card shark. His luck ran out in san diego. Authorities say this poker legend was cheating at black jack. High stakes spoerk not a game for the weak at heart. Oh, it's a queen! Reporter: When it comes to cheating, as hollywood movies have taught us, poker can be downright dangerous. Aren't you supposed to, like, read us our rights? Reporter: This morning, authorities say one of gambling's real-life games is a real cheat. Archie karas arrested in his home in vegas this week. He was caught on surveillance cameras marking cards at a plaque jack table in july. He had no regard for money whatsoever. No fear of having millions and losing it. Reporter: Karas may be best known for turning $50 into $40 million over three years in the '90s ONLY TO GAMBLE IT ALL AWAY. He kept his poker face. I took the punches. I did it my way. Reporter: When it came to plaq blackjack, inves gators say his way involved placing a mark on the back of high-value cards. Small enough not to be noticed by clear enough for the trained eye of a cheater. There are many ways of marking cards. Reporter: The nevada gaming control board has investigating him in the past. Arresting him four times to cheating. He pleaded for lesser charges on two of them and one was d dismissed. He'll face charges of winning by fraudulent means and cheating. His extradition hearing is scheduled for monday. Bianna and dan? This is the stuff of hollywood movies. Yeah, absolutely. Let's get another check of the morn's top stories with none

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{"id":20405642,"title":"Famed Gambler Archie Karas Accused of Cheating","duration":"2:23","description":"Police take famous high roller into custody for cheating at blackjack.","url":"/GMA/video/famed-gambler-archie-karas-accused-cheating-20405642","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}