Family Hopes for Deal in Daughter's Heart Surgery

California family's insurance company denied the procedure since it was at an out-of network hospital.
1:36 | 10/10/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Family Hopes for Deal in Daughter's Heart Surgery
-- it was difficult enough when baby aria was -- with an unusual condition that made her heart raced dangerously fast -- -- And by Tomas. When -- it was more then Bridget and -- -- learned Ari ahead to other heart problems that rarely occur together. And her cardiologist planned a complicated surgery at Children's Hospital Oakland only to have it canceled a week before by their provider western health advantage just. Emotional call to think that we're gonna happen when all -- and I can't even an -- movement. Oakland Children's Hospital is out of network for the schillings. But it's not clear why western health advantage waited so long to cancel the scheduled surgery. The showings want the HMO to reconsider. And are now hoping a deal might be worked out our doctor even says he's willing to negotiate with Children's Hospital on our behalf. To try to come up with a contractual agreement. -- they would work. On an in network price western health advantage would still have to agree to allow -- out of network surgery. And to really look at what has happened in the process that failed us. And consider that. Higher than just following the company line the couple's case has drawn enormous attention we've heard from people in Japan. -- -- -- All of the United States but none of that matters they say -- little -- can't get the surgery she needs at the hospital her doctor believes is best qualified to do it. We're just trying so desperately to hold on for hope. That they will change their mind to reverse the denial.

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{"id":20533995,"title":"Family Hopes for Deal in Daughter's Heart Surgery","duration":"1:36","description":"California family's insurance company denied the procedure since it was at an out-of network hospital.","url":"/GMA/video/family-hopes-deal-daughters-heart-surgery-20533995","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}