Find the Perfect Purse for Your Body Type

Tracey Lomrantz Lester reveals ways to flatter your figure in "GMA's" Bag or Bust.
3:06 | 12/03/12

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Transcript for Find the Perfect Purse for Your Body Type
And now it's time to play the newest game here at "good morning america." What's it called? Here's how it works. We have four models. They all have different body types. We into two purses for each of them. I'll try to pick which purse is right for that body type. We're happy to have the contributing editor of "glamour" to explain how it works. Let's begin. The first model is vanessa, she's on the petite size. We've got two great choices, one from oversize.Com. And a smaller version. 48. You pick the bag that I think would look best with you? That's right. I think the more petite bag would be more proportional. That's right, lara. Is that -- it is! You got the perfect fit. I think a lot of women might thinking the bigger my handbag, the smaller my body looks. The same details. A nice red color, but a little on the taller size. Next up we have -- she has a pear-shaped figure. We're looking at evening bags here. We have this teeny, tiny clutch with a cross-sided strap. Or a bigger clutch with an envelope shape. Let me see this. Oh, I'm going with this. I think that's it. Let's see how you did, lara. Ding ding! Perfect fit. I don't know, it just feels right. It is right. The reason it works so well for a pear shape, it draws your eye upward. Rather than a cross-body bag which brings it here. This is going to draw your eye to the top half which is your slimmest part. 68. It's a great choice for holiday parties. Yeah, I love is that. Are you saying the cross -- if we don't want people looking here, we should not have those? Exactly. Just like everything else in the wardrobe, want to draw your eyes away from that part. If you have a tall body, lauren is our model and your choices are? For lauren, we've either got this magenta bag from olivia and joy. Or ivanka trump handbag. I just love that pink. For no other reason than I love wearing that. Try again. Can't win them all. It's actually the tote bag. A short bag gets lost on a tall girl. You want to play up your stature. Makes her look even more supermodel than she does. Finally, katie. Two bags. Tell me why these two. We've got a slouchy hobo and another one with a slouch. I think it's this one. No! We'll be right back. Dirty little secrets about your hotel room revealed.

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{"id":17867003,"title":"Find the Perfect Purse for Your Body Type","duration":"3:06","description":"Tracey Lomrantz Lester reveals ways to flatter your figure in \"GMA's\" Bag or Bust.","url":"/GMA/video/fashion-beauty-tips-find-perfect-purse-body-type-17867003","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}