Fashionistas Turn to Designer Rental Services for Unlimited Outfits

Unlimited clothing rentals can give you access to a couture closet at a price that won't break the budget.
4:25 | 08/05/15

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Transcript for Fashionistas Turn to Designer Rental Services for Unlimited Outfits
Next up, super shopping secrets and this morning, we're taking a look at clothing rental services. Staying on trend is up your alley but don't want to spend an arm and leg it may pay to rent. Becky Worley set out to find out. Good morning. Buying a new outfit triggers joy. It's literally been shown to release dopamine in the brain. And it makes you happy but then there's the problem. When you get that credit card bill it's like a dagger in your heart. So what if you could have all the new outfits you wanted for just $99 a month? ? celebrities are rarely seen in the same outfit twice. But for us mere mortals having that many outfits is an expensive pipe dream or is it? Like a dream closet. Reporter: Rachel Gwynn tried rent the runway unlimited. It's a subscription service like netflix for designer clothes. Let's see this closet. Are you ready? Wow. You are serious about khloes. Yes, I love clothes, shoes, bags, all of it. Reporter: Her shopping habit cost her a fortune but now she pays just $99 a month to choose clothes, jewelry and handbags and have them all delivered. This retails for about $350. Reporter: Plus got this jumpsuit and cute dress to wear a few times then return. You consider the idea of rental retail that you can get 30 different outfits in a month for a lower cost than buy 30 different outfits you can see why the rental model is really appealing. Reporter: Users can have up to three items at a time and swap them out as often as they like. Shipping and dry cleaning are all a part of the $99 monthly fee. I'm constantly looking at what's new on rent the runway and putting things in my queue. Le tote picks the items for you. Gwynnie band mine for nine. Rent the runway's unlimited service was so popular when it launched they have a waiting list to join. We're excited about the fall inventory. We have a lot of great stuff coming to the site. Reporter: And that inventory spans from couture to casual. With this service I get to rent bag, accessories and dresses so I mean tens of thousands of dollars a year. Reporter: A rental reality that's making this fashionista a lot more frugal. All right. An interesting concept, Becky Worley joins us now. People think of buying their clothes as an investment. Right. Renting your clothes is a different kind of investment. Right, especially when it's this sort of all you can eat buffet style. But let me give you an example. Come on out. We have three lovely models here with beautiful outfits. You know, what's really cool is that these are investments in their jobs, in their social lives and, ladies, these are designer outfits so why don't we have you turn over your outfit prices, go ahead. This is what their outfits cost. Wow. Each one, these are designer labels and for $99 a month including mine which is also a rent the runway jumpsuit here we have just under $7,000 worth of clothes which we could have gotten access to for just $99 a month. You wear it once or twice and send it back if that's right. People get concerned about the fit. Right. Okay, so here's the thing, you get something and it doesn't fit, box it right up and send it back. I mean, you do have to sort of be really aware. So the things are you want to check the inventory before you subscribe to make sure it has your size and the labels and the looks you like. You want to really be mindful of getting those packages in, wear the clothes and then be diligent about getting them out and you have to do the math. Do you spend more than $1200 a year on clothes. The average woman spends $200 a month. And has 30 outfits in her closet. So for that woman it would certainly make sense. What happens, Becky, if I fall in love with one of these and want to keep it? Can you purchase it? I'm kind of thinking about it about this jumpsuit I got and here's the deal if you find something you like it's for 30% off. Now, the service that we profiled has a wait list, but I think that just from the buzz around the office it looks like something that people are interested in. Especially when you look at those Numbers it does make financial sense. All right. The total big number. Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. With that we'll end it.

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{"duration":"4:25","description":"Unlimited clothing rentals can give you access to a couture closet at a price that won't break the budget. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"32894357","title":"Fashionistas Turn to Designer Rental Services for Unlimited Outfits ","url":"/GMA/video/fashionistas-turn-designer-rental-services-unlimited-outfits-32894357"}