Fastest Makeup Applicators for Under $20

Save time and look your best with some of the most efficient makeup applicators on the market.
2:24 | 03/25/13

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Transcript for Fastest Makeup Applicators for Under $20
The laits in makeup magic. The new, fast'sly caters on the market at the drugstore. They save time, you look fabulous, all for under $20. Abc's rachel smith, host of "on the red carpet" with the story. Reporter: If only it were that simple to look like this without wasting a whole lot of this. The average woman spends abou minutes in the morning putting or her makeup. She wants a great look, and fast, and out the door. Reporter: The need for speed has the beauty business focusing on easier'sly carrots. I hit walgreens with carmindy. Instead of using a liquid line we are one long tip, they have ones with balls at the end. Cow can control the your applicator does the job for you. The beauty blender sporng is easier. It's round, sorter points for the smaller areas. Reporter: The trend in applicators is taking the system by storm. They've extended the brush size. Reporter: Then it was time to face the music and try the products for myself. On one side, makeup with modified'sly carrots. That took 35 seconds. On the other, my own cosmetics. My time, a less impressive 45 seconds. More products to add to my makeup tool box. Now that is a thing of beauty. For "good morning america," rachel smith. That is so not fair. She looks beautiful period. But, it does. It gets to be so time-consumitime-consuming. It looks logood. You try to put it on yourself. Sorry, guys. If you were to scrape off what I'm wearing right now --

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{"id":18805865,"title":"Fastest Makeup Applicators for Under $20","duration":"2:24","description":"Save time and look your best with some of the most efficient makeup applicators on the market.","url":"/GMA/video/fast-easy-makeup-fastest-makeup-applicators-20-18805865","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}