'Father of Rock-n-Roll' Chuck Berry dead at 90

The music of the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, whose first hit, "Maybelline", was in 1955, influenced performers from the Beatles to Bruce Springsteen.
3:42 | 03/19/17

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Transcript for 'Father of Rock-n-Roll' Chuck Berry dead at 90
out in the newsroom. Paying homage. Tributes pouring in this morning for chuck berry. One of the architects of rol rock 'N' roll. You were playing ding ling. And Maybelline. And John ny B. Goode. Lenny Kravitz writing hail, hail, chuck berry. None of us would have been here without you. Rock on, brother. Proving just how far his influence reached, country star Keith urban tweeting, thank you for the poetry, the passion, and the potency. Chris Connelly is here with more. Reporter: Good morning Dan, good morning, Paula. Springsteen one of the many phew zigss who blacks in the backing band of chuck berry. Writer and performer of dozens of rock's enduring songs. Each one an American classic. From "Johnny B. Goode" and "Roll over bethoven. ??? Reporter: To sweet little 16. ??? Sweet little 16 ??? Reporter: Chuck berry was a founding father. The creator of the language. Filled with poetic, American images. ??? Not so bad I'm living in the usa ??? Reporter: He was the primary influence and the musical cornerstone for the beatles and the rolling stones. ??? Roll over beethoven ??? Reporter: An African-American triumphing across a racist landscape. ??? Go, Johnny go ??? Reporter: He trained as hairdresser. Before 1955, when his first song conquered radio. About a car named Maybelline. ??? Maybelline, why can't you be true ??? Reporter: Dozens of hits followed, each one a show case for his guitar riffs. ??? Reporter: Jukebox beat. And those remarkable lyrics. ??? Up in the morning and out the school where we're taught the golden rule ??? Reporter: Notching a number one song with the double entendre song, "My ding a ling." Reporter: Lauded at the Kennedy center honors in 2000. The hall of fame writing rock 'N' roll as we know it would not exist without him. ??? This is the promise land calling and the poor boy's on the line ??? Reporter: Actually, that rock 'N' roll hall of fame building in Cleveland would be an IKEA. A Bob's big boy. The originator. He always had to be paid in cash. You had to pay him in cash. Provide the backing band. Why heem people like Bruce Springsteen played for him at some point. And he got paid in cash. He got started late in life. He did. Thanks for coming in. So much great inspiration. Great man. Thanks, Chris. Coming up, the fate of a

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{"id":46236427,"title":"'Father of Rock-n-Roll' Chuck Berry dead at 90","duration":"3:42","description":"The music of the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, whose first hit, \"Maybelline\", was in 1955, influenced performers from the Beatles to Bruce Springsteen.","url":"/GMA/video/father-rock-roll-chuck-berry-dead-90-46236427","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}