Do-It-Yourself Father's Day Gift

Lara Spencer builds a chandelier out of antique wheel.
1:57 | 06/10/13

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Transcript for Do-It-Yourself Father's Day Gift
The funeral home you can make this -- home so what what we do here. What -- -- is it just meant that. -- right. See how far we want an inside the other how to read Shia and it's a drilling through metal this this thing -- -- two -- three different. Size holes and be much easier on the equipment goes through a lot easier -- -- wouldn't what do you mean CU PS if you want small holes for. Keep working -- and together -- like crazy on just wanna go race and -- -- drill up. -- -- -- got ahold of the -- -- expert -- right here we -- stock for every. One of those folks. We drill holes were putting the socket. These are -- by giving any hardware store at least at least early and so what we're doing now. -- -- -- -- Now are things not. Holding them in place using -- But because -- Chandeliers like the -- are making cost. Hundreds of dollars. The stories. We are gonna be in minutes the all the materials. -- under 100 dollars and about thirty. The kind of work slightly. These labels. Looks so -- Much prettier then. Best known internationally they -- all sorts of different shapes. And I love. Yellow envelope and the blacks. These are there. Industrial. Really really beautiful.

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{"id":19369420,"title":"Do-It-Yourself Father's Day Gift","duration":"1:57","description":"Lara Spencer builds a chandelier out of antique wheel.","url":"/GMA/video/fathers-day-gift-19369420","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}