FDA-Approved Treatment May Help You Get Your Smile Back

A newly approved lip filler claims to provide results that last up to a year with just one treatment.
4:07 | 10/19/15

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Transcript for FDA-Approved Treatment May Help You Get Your Smile Back
Time now for our brand-new anti-aging series we're launching to help you -- you hear Cher, turn back time. You remember when jack did that on "Will & grace "? I do. Every smile makes you a day younger. If you feel yours has faded to a frown, a new treatment may be able to help you get back your shil. Mara schiavocampo has the story. Reporter: It's no secret. Ladies love a lush lip. I have temporary lip fillers. It's what I wanted to do. If my sisters can own up to their insecurities, then so can I. Reporter: And kylie Jenner is not alone. Other celebrities like lady gaga, squen for Hudson, and Jessica Simpson have all admitted to trying cosmetic lip fillers. Recently juvederm ultra xc slamed to have results. Lasting up to a year. If the past, I needed to repeat the procedure every six months or so. Reporter: This temporary lip filler can help women from all walks of life. The corners turn down. It makes them look unpleasant. This product fixes the fine lines around the lips by smoothing them out. It turns up the corners of the lips and can add a little bit of volume. The whole procedure takes about ten minutes. Reporter: It can be uncomfortable. It might cause swelling far few day. The drawbacks are minimal in comparison to laser and other surgeries. If done properly, the results can be extremely natural. It makes people more pleasant. More self-confident. Reporter: For "Good morning America," Mara schiavocampo, ABC news, New York. And the doctor making a house call. We saw the treatments. That -- that you can use. But it's also not just cosmetic. There's some medical issues about the frown, too. As a Normal part of the aging process, we tepid to lose volume and support many the corners of the mouth. They tend to turn down. It can make you look older and can lead lade to a medical condition called keylitis. Saliva can pool in the corpers of the mouth. Think about what saliva does to a cracker. It breaks down a creaker. The same thing happens in contact with your skin night after night. ? What kind of treatment? Ewe can try an over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream. You can place a drop of a filler there. Imagine that the sponge represents the hyaluronic as sit. It adds volume and hydrates the the skin from beneath the surface. You can see that in the before and after. One patient turned her frown back up. Something else your patients talk about. Between the mouth and the nose. The lines right here people feel that that shows your age. Yes, in the past, we chased lines. Filled folds. The new trend is to lift for a more natural look. By simply placing filler right into those lines, yeah, you can make the lines go away. You don't necessarily look younger. In some patients, it max the lower face look heavy. The lift was just approved for treatment in the cheeks. You can lift and smooth those smile lines away from above. Take a look at that after. Wow. I kind of like it. It's like a badge of honor that you're so happy -- no, I just felt like I had to say that. But thank you very much. I know a lot of people, it's a concern. You want to, whatever works best for you. Exactly. Let's go outside now the

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{"duration":"4:07","description":"A newly approved lip filler claims to provide results that last up to a year with just one treatment.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"34570707","title":"FDA-Approved Treatment May Help You Get Your Smile Back","url":"/GMA/video/fda-approved-treatment-smile-back-34570707"}