Felicity Jones Talks 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story'

The actress joins us live from Times Square to discuss the upcoming film.
6:59 | 11/28/16

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Transcript for Felicity Jones Talks 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story'
We hear that "Star wars" music. We need holiday music. Welcome to all of you. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Thanks for being here, everybody. Such a nice Monday morning. Getting right back into it. We're jumping in with a very spesh guest. Joining us at the table, please welcome academy award nominee and the star of the new "Rogue one" felicity Jones. Hi. Hello. In nice to meet you. How are you? Nice to meet you. Hi, hi. Good to see you. I know. Good to see you. Welcome. Hello. Hi, everyone. Is it too early for you? We hope not. You're in from London. I'm slowly waking up. The -- I'm definitely a night person, not a morning person. So are we. It's a problem. You're a "Star wars" person? Used to watch as a kid? Yes. I remember watching it as a little girl. I watched at my cousins' house. We were close to the TV watching it, about 7. And we watched it on vhs. I remember the opening titles going up the screen. I knew it had to be vhs. Because you're ten years younger than me. That makes me old. If that makes you old, the rest of us are grandparents. I remember watching "Empire strikes back" in the theater. You all remember? That's my favorite one. Mine too. The first movie I ever went to. I have to say, "Force awakens" is my favorite now because I got to introduce my daughter to it. You said in the past, you wanted to play a superhero. And now you are one. I know. I'm glad that deagets a clap. Why was that important to you? It was the opportunity to be a kicks-ass girl. She's a real, live wire. She's got real spirit. And, it was a -- just a fantastic character to play. Let's see a kick-ass girl in action. Let's take a look. Chpz hpz. Destroying an entire planet. They call it the death star. We need to capture the plans if there's any hope of destroying it. We want to help. All right. How many do we need? I'll be there for you. The captain said I had to. Charming. Whoa. Of course, so much anticipation for this movie. Felicity this is how you know you have made it. You now have your own action figure. Oh. How cool is that? Check it out. Thank you very much. How does it feel to have your own action figure? It's great. I was showing my nephew who is 1 1/2. He started pulling the arms off. It really rings you back down to Earth. Explain to us where the movie is in the storyline? It's the film that leads into the story of "A new hope" which was the first of the trilogy in those '70s films. We wanted to capture that atmosphere and the freshness that those films have. That's exciting. That gives us the back story. On some of our -- the people that we grew up with. All the things we didn't know that we wanted to know. Your character's name is jyn erso. You were also called the fineny warrior. Which is fitting. You were recently in "Glamour." A beautiful, beautiful shoot. Thank you. Did you funnel your Tom buoy self into jyn? I did. It was useful for laying jyn. Only now I'm learning to wear pretty dresses. You wear them well. I'm a huge "Star wars" fan. In H this movie, you're building a rebel army. The you could build any army from any of the movies who would it be -- Good question. Well, come on, it's got to be chewbacca. A crowd pleerz every time. I know, come on. Why not? And then, I would say, Han solo. He's very preeshs. And then, why not? R Rae. Did you have special training? I did. I did. I actually went into kind of quite intensive Kung Fu training. I felt a bit like "Karate kid" in the mornings, before going on set, I would do a few moves to get in character. It was a big part of preparation. ? You killed us all in "Theory of everything." Such a beautiful film. How do you decide on the kinds of roles you'll take? To go from one extreme to the other like this? It's very instinctive. It's what you read and something appeals and -- you kind of just have to throw yourself into it. It's like anything. You know, if you overthink it too much, we wouldn't do anything, would we? You have to be impulsive and trust your instinks basically? You have quite a few movie coming out. Three other movies coming out this year alone. Incredible. Including "Inferno" with Tom Hanks. You had a moment with him in a car? In a vehicle? Yeah. I almost -- I almost killed Tom Hanks. Which is -- Whoa. Not literally. I was driving out of this very sharp turn. We were driving in Italy. Doing this scene. The streets are so small. For some reason, I was in this huge car. My character had an enormous four-wheel drive thing. I hit the wall on the side that he was -- Kind of hit the wall. Sflit sort of, and he was so sweet. He was so gracious. He didn't sort of make any fuss at all as I nearly took his life. But -- it was a good start to the shoot. No more driving in the next films? You yeah. I think it will be much more flying x-wings. Thank you for coming in. You're on the cover of "Glamour" all over the world right now.

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{"id":43813956,"title":"Felicity Jones Talks 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story'","duration":"6:59","description":"The actress joins us live from Times Square to discuss the upcoming film.","url":"/GMA/video/felicity-jones-talks-rogue-star-wars-story-43813956","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}