Ferguson Police Chief Releases Officer's Name

Darren Wilson is named as the officer involved in the shooting death of Michael Brown.
1:40 | 08/15/14

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Transcript for Ferguson Police Chief Releases Officer's Name
At 1201 PM. Are officer encountered Michael Brown on Canfield drive. Patrol for a second officer arrived on the scene immediately following the shooting. At 1205. A supervisor was -- dispatched to the scene. And subsequent officers arrived there has been some questions about the calling of an ambulance the ambulance it was at -- -- case on Glenn. Was. Coming by immediately following the shooting and they did respond to two assess Michael Brown. Sore thumb I'm but -- have some police officers going to be handing out packets -- have all the information that was requested. In the sunshine request. Concerning the robbery. We're gonna give those attacked -- first of all two. Those agencies that have made the sunshine request and then anybody else who wants them. Well I think we have enough to give out palm -- we've got quite a few come. I'm sorry. The officer that was involved in the shooting of -- Michael Brown was Darren Wilson he's been a police officer for six years -- had no no disciplinary action taken against him. He was treated for injuries which occurred on Saturday. Again I won't be taking any questions at this time but the -- will be handed out by my officers. And there. At the name is. -- -- DJ RR EN Wilson WI LS. ON and not. Thank you and I'll -- against it.

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{"id":24995046,"title":"Ferguson Police Chief Releases Officer's Name","duration":"1:40","description":"Darren Wilson is named as the officer involved in the shooting death of Michael Brown.","url":"/GMA/video/ferguson-police-chief-releases-officers-name-24995046","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}