Will Ferrell dishes about his favorite dad dance moves

"I just like to move my body and I think the audience likes to see that," he said.
10:37 | 11/07/17

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Transcript for Will Ferrell dishes about his favorite dad dance moves
rewarded because we also have one of the funniest guys we know. He's been an anchorman. He's been a stepbrother. He's been an elf now starring in the new hilarious movie "Daddy's home 2," please welcome will Ferrell. Again. Again. Mwah. Hi, George. Great to see you. Hi, robin. Nice to see you. Come on in. Good to see you, buddy. I brought you guys a present. That's so generous. Really nice of you. Just to get you guys in the holiday season I brought you guys a present. This is what everyone gets in their dressing room and -- Do we have a -- Everyone has to take a bite of something. Wow. Go ahead. He loves his apple. One in the morning. Thank you. I want that one. What? Are you going to have anything. I'm not going to eat that stuff. No way. We got "Daddy's home" sequel and loved the first one. Loved it. And there was a great dance scene in that movie. You've been in a movie with dance moves "Night at the Roxbury." There you go. I'm curious. I don't know if you call that dancing necessarily. But you've danced in these movies. Which dance is closest to you in real life? I think any dance. I mean -- I just like to move my body and I think the audiences likes to see that. I'm getting two thumbs up over there. One back there. Four people gave me thumbs up. If you had to dance, the inner essence, your soul, what would that movement be? That movement would probably be something like -- Oh, my goodness. No you're not. We don't have any music, do we? Probably be like. ??? ??? stayin' alive stayin' alive ah, ah, ah, stayin' alive ??? ??? stayin' alive ah, ah, ah stayin' alive ??? Oh. Right? I don't know where whether that's really appropriate. It's slow tour. Exactly, right. It's from the Stephanopoulos playbook. Right from it. There's a reason I ask because there's this survey that was conducted by twirlywooz. Of course. Same people who created teletubbies and did a thing about dad dancing and we've had some of our audience members here in our studio who were doing some dad dancing and they found -- there we go. Get it in. Oh. Oh. Line dancing. Right there, baby. They found that the most popular -- that was good, by the way, sir. They found that the most popular the top of the list was the "Saturday night fever" dance and air guitar are the most popular dad dancings. A littlicalle cliche. You are not going to see me dance. Trying for a decade. Also the navel Orange maybe. Have you ever done the ymca dance even by yourself? That's the most popular one. There you go. I'm sure the robot is probably on that list. We would probably fall back and do the robot. That's a go to. Always a go to. But they found with kids 37% say they felt embarrassed by their dad's moves on the dance floor. -- Only. I would have thought 87%. 30% said thought their dads dance badly on purpose just to embarrass them. 40% said seeing their father dance is among their favorite memories of their dads which I think is special. That's good. 60% said they loved dancing with their father as a child and kids aged 13 said their dads just flat out embarrassed them but by 30 they loved the move. They were endeared to the moves so I think it's very important to dance with your kids. Dance with your kids. And don't be ashamed. That's right. Your inner essence. And take your kids to see "Daddy's home 2." You should. You should. I'm serious. I enjoyed it. Loved the first one. Loved the second one even more -- I'm having a sugar low right now. Just a little something. Uh-huh. I'm back. I'm back. Yes. How was it -- your father/son relationship in this film, you have a very special father. Very special. I have the lovely and masterful John lithgow plays my father and we are very emotionally available to each other. There you go. Every time we see each other we kiss on the lips which was my suggestion. But, yeah, it's -- in fact, that scene you just saw was literally the first day of filming that my kids visited the set. So I didn't tell them that I would be kissing this other actor. How did they handle it? They were laughing so hard and at the same time they were like, ah. That's so embarrassing. How do you do it? How do you that? They couldn't believe it. They thought -- I said, well, I'm paid a handsome amount of money. So, yeah. You know. But I support along with supporting dad dancing I support dads openly showing affection to their kids. Thank you. Thank you. 100%, man. There are a lot of different parenting styes but what kind of parent would you say you are? What would your kids say. They would -- I call myself the velvet hammer. Interesting. Very strict. Bedtime at 6:00 P.M. Ooh. No beverages with any sort of meal. Just have to eat your food dry. Gulp it down. No, I mean, what would you expect? I'm their dad. Yeah. A lot of fun. I surprise them every now and then with, no, you can't do that. What? So occasionally you have to show that you do have some sort of control of your kids. But do you have control over the thermostat? This is a little clip from -- I think a lot of dads you can relate to. Let's take a look. What is going on? She turned up the thermostat. Any time she damn well pleases. Tell me that's not true. Oh, crimeny dusty. You might as well give her your wallet and your 401(k). Do you let the kids touch the thermostat at your house. No, the thermostat is a sacred covenant. I can't believe we're even talking about this. This is madness! You're right. You're absolutely right. Every day. Our argument at our house is we're lucky enough to have a poll so my wife and I battle over -- heating of the pool. They want it 95, right? I would take 95. She wants it 98. It's like it's more like a bath. It's like you immediately fall asleep. Yeah. A pool should be refreshing. I mean, aren't we in agreement? Yeah. So -- The thermostat, get different Zones of the house. That's what I do, no arguing. You have your own. Leave mine alone. But this movie is a sequel and one of my favorite movies of all time is "Stepbrothers." I laugh every time it's on I got to stop on it. There is a rumor that was going to be a sequel, as well. Is that going to happen and if not, what was the plot, give it to us. The plot we were thinking about doing was that John -- our parents move to retirement community and we convince them that we could also live in the retirement community. Oh. You've got to do that. You've got to do that. That's gold. That's gold. So we'll see. You can't tease us. You have to do it. So many. What about "Talladega nights." There's so many to choose from. I've been lucky. Yeah, I've been lucky I've been able to make a number of movies that people want to see sequels of but -- Only so much. Only so much of me. And you got to dance. I have to dance. I have to kiss. Other men. Not that there's anything wrong with that. No, not at all. We remember accou"saturday night live." 15 years. Do you have a trump? I don't have a trump, no. No. Sorry. You don't need to. I don't have one. Move on. Anybody have a trump? I don't have one in my repertoire. Yeah. When you think back to your repertoire, do you have a character that was the most fun for you to play. Well, it was very fun to play a president on a show like "Saturday night live" when all eyes, you know, are watching. I loved, you know, the cheerleaders with Cheri oteri. And I -- Lover. Oh, with -- yes. I loved that professor clarvin. Always in a hot tub but never clothed. Never clothed. You two remember that. Not even for the sketch. Yeah. But you know you sat here and said so many people want to see thinging that I've done and you're lucky. You're not lucky. You're talented. That's what it is. Don't make me cry, Michael. I agree. 100%. I kno I know. He's a good man. He's a good man. And we are lucky enough to see you in "Daddy's home 2." Thank you. You make sure you go see it,

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