Will Ferrell Relaxes by Coloring with 'GMA' Anchors

The 'Elf' actor puts a new adult coloring book therapy method to the test to help reduce anxiety.
3:02 | 12/16/15

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Transcript for Will Ferrell Relaxes by Coloring with 'GMA' Anchors
Here Merrill. Regatta Colin partying going on here at Lucas coloring with both will. It he knows he's gonna keep the clink of non paying us here also psychiatrist doctor Janet Taylor and the reason that we're doing with interest paid they had. Unless they are okay Wyatt. But there is there something behind this put it could see activity when you bring your attention to something now only stimulate the mind in the brain lights up but also can induce a relaxation response. Hence you know. That the quietness in the focus which is what we need in this busy world opinion so focused. I think for the child at the point is that you know when you're stressed you can and activities and going to it mindful laying. Com and sometimes quietly helped secure and there is something scientific about it too there's a part of our brain yes that is really simulate if I. Is that partisan right here and in Haifa the anger issues here you know axis which is a lot more but basically that's where stressed. In terms of the brain and that's what's been can induce relaxes cessation response but it's intentional and it really shows that. We have control over our actions and behaviors and intentionally we know and we need a break. And coloring the repetitive activities are great way to do that now it's competitive coloring slowing yeah. He competition into the county there are losing Angela. It's not about mastering the skills when you mad or are there something like that it's not about performance of its about process and alienation. And for all you competitive people down there. I think I did Israeli and an S ten yeah. An auction at and I've ever do this I think every us of the hospitals tended during labor but that would that would. But that would working out. Is it that you would you would say why not give us outlook mean you know people save that therapy but it's therapeutic. And again it's about knowing what you need to do and finding those activities whether it's going for a walk it's mindful breathe it it's drumming it helps and it has a specific. Aspect of the brain that it correlates to OK would you like okay pencils down would you like to show your world. Clinton lied on sale. I didn't. I'm not sure Jana if you can count. Give us it yeah. It announces I'm getting paid for a phone now I have. It's wonderful that. They have very create now DNA means. I'm tired and I thought would go online and there was just about a Beagle outsiders money. I stand on the line now is it's about you just enjoying it having fun and yeah. I just don't get it as a joke that's a joke. That's a joke and not rely. Your mom is really who happens to. I think you well think he ever wanted and got his statement candidates always.

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{"duration":"3:02","description":"The 'Elf' actor puts a new adult coloring book therapy method to the test to help reduce anxiety. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35796289","title":"Will Ferrell Relaxes by Coloring with 'GMA' Anchors","url":"/GMA/video/ferrell-relaxes-coloring-gma-anchors-35796289"}