Festive pumpkin workout helps get you in shape before Halloween

Barry's Bootcamp instructor Josey Greenwell demonstrates the "pumpkin workout" trend, which uses the seasonal fruit as a prop to help you get toned.
3:38 | 10/25/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Festive pumpkin workout helps get you in shape before Halloween
Halloween is less than a week away and we all know what that candy can do to your figure but a pumpkin figure is trending. Josey Greenwell is showing us the moves with the pumpkin, man. I just want to get right to it. We all love our candy but we got to work it off. The pumpkin is going to help us. What is this workout that's been trending? What we're doing is basically exchanging a medicine ball with a pumpkin. Okay. So you're using this pumpkin in place of the medicine ball. So you just want to grab a pumpkin. Make sure it's got a good enough size on it. You know that sounds funny, right I heard you snicker. Just grab a pumpkin, people. Make sure it's yours. Not your neighbor's. Make sure it's fresh so that is hard. Otherwise you're smoosh that thing together. What are some of the exclusives we can do. The first one we'll do is called the push-up. Put your hands down on the pumpkin and step your feet back. You don't have to worry about it crushing -- You have to make sure it's fresh. Here we go. What we'll do now is work your chest. You're getting into it. The Mike is on. Here we go. All right. It's a suit friendly workout. Drop your chest down to the pumpkin keep your elbows tight and keep your abs nice and tight. Okay. Okay. What else we got? The second one this. Is called the jack-o'-lantern swing so what you'll do is hold it by the base. Keep your chest open. If it had like the -- don't do that because it might come off and fly through the window go that's up to you. By the stem you might lose the pumpkin. What you do is keep your chest open. Let your arms Hage straight. Drop it down in a squat. You raise it up eye level. Like a kettlebell. Yes. That's your shoulders. That's your back. You get a little glut action too. I'm feeling it all in the glutes. Believe that, Josey. You do it until you're tired out. I'm tired out. What we got next. Last one, squash squat. Squash squat. Classic pumpkin move right here. Drop down into your squat. Keep your chin up. As you stand up you're driving that pumpkin straight to the ceiling. So what we've got here is total legs, total shoulders. Total legs, total shoulders. Are you feeling it? Anywayed it. Keep your heels flat. Keep your heels down so it's all in your -- If I do, my pants might open up in the back. We don't that. Josey, thank you so much. Thank you guys for the workout. I'm done for the day. You at home make sure you get your pumpkin and get in shape for Halloween. Because you're going to consume the candy. Might as well try to work it off in advance and everybody, coming

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{"id":50698623,"title":"Festive pumpkin workout helps get you in shape before Halloween ","duration":"3:38","description":"Barry's Bootcamp instructor Josey Greenwell demonstrates the \"pumpkin workout\" trend, which uses the seasonal fruit as a prop to help you get toned.","url":"/GMA/video/festive-pumpkin-workout-helps-shape-halloween-50698623","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}