Firefighters Attempt to Save Multi-Million Dollar Mansion

Family stands by and watches their dream home turn to ashes.
3:00 | 01/11/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Firefighters Attempt to Save Multi-Million Dollar Mansion
We've got a developing story with some extraordinary images of family watching in horror as their dream home. Turns to ashes more than seventy firefighters tried to save it but what delayed their arrival at the scene ABC's Brian Smith is on the story -- as -- Morning Dan you know the images are breath taking -- home the two years to build leveled by fire and the plumes of smoke and flames. Could be seen miles away. Overnight a four million dollar mansion destroyed. -- to the ground and Indian -- Ohio the luxury home lined suburb of Cincinnati. 101000 square foot 22 room house built in 2006. It's all but gone. Despite the devastation. Fire officials say no one was -- According to county records the home is owned by JR Maria Decker. Their son chase took to FaceBook telling friends that his family -- dogs were safe posting. Please pray for my family you'll soon see on the news that our home is burned down and there is nothing left of our possessions. -- -- The final word. A broad level lower your blood. For over seventy firefighters arrived at the scene. The confusion on the exact address all of their arrival by the time they got the -- the police if they don't. At first -- the woods -- fire immediately behind my house. The homes lush landscaping had a community worried that the fire would spread its borders the woods and luckily -- -- a windy day and it's it's wet onlookers saying. The scorching flames. Reached as high as thirty feet I've never actually personally seen anything like that firefighters put out the fire around 8 PM. But now once and -- mansion. -- nothing more than charred -- The cause of the fire is unknown and state the state fire Marshal is investigating but now the Decker family is left. Trying to piece together what happened to the home of their -- Gives you an idea just how big that houses and took seventy firefighters don't fire or at least for -- their -- absolutely that's the key and great to have you here especially happy for an act thanks for happier and Melissa.

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{"id":21498243,"title":"Firefighters Attempt to Save Multi-Million Dollar Mansion","duration":"3:00","description":"Family stands by and watches their dream home turn to ashes.","url":"/GMA/video/firefighters-attempt-save-multi-million-dollar-mansion-21498243","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}