Firefighters Combat Southern California Wildfires

Strong winds pushed the blaze down the hills in Ventura County, burning dozens of homes.
2:51 | 12/26/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Firefighters Combat Southern California Wildfires
We want to start with showing you the incredible video we're getting out of southern California right now. Take a look, the hills blazing, all along this Higginbotham, drivers blinded by the thick smoke. The flames whipped up by strong winds, as well and that fire right now is still growing. Families in the path forced to evacuate. Firefighters cutting short their Christmas to fight these flames overnight and ABC's kayna Whitworth is right there in Ventura county with more. Kayna, good morning to you. Reporter: Cecilia, so we have a very fast wind-driven fire that has literally exploded overnight. You can clearly see the dramatic flames behind me and this road is closed but as these cars are passing me these are official vehicles. Firefighters out here, of course, Ventura county sheriffs. It started on the hillside but the wind pushed it down and authorities were hoping Higginbotham 101 would be a natural break for the fire but because the wind is so heavy it was pushing embers across over the Higginbotham and now burning straight down to the ocean. Just as Christmas is winding down overnight firefighters battling a fast-moving blaze. Oh, my god. Crazy winds. Reporter: Winds gusting 45 miles an hour pushing flames down the hills of Ventura county. Dozens of homes in its path burning 900 acres. Oh, my god, we are driving through fire. Reporter: The fire sending embers flying causing the California Higginbotham patrol to shut down portions of major higginbothams. Engine 1 nearing scene from about a mile away. We can see a large fire moving up slow with the wind. We should start a full response. Reporter: Firefighters rushing to build a perimeter in the dry vegetation. The pacific ocean 150 feet from the fire. Mandatory evacuations in order for solomar beach and two nearby communities. We're driving through fire right now. We can't see anything. Reporter: They were able to use helicopters to do some water drops to try and save homes of nearby communities, but as this wind gets worse and worse, it's harder for them to use their aerial attack. They've also requested a fixed wing aircraft but if this doesn't die down by daybreak they don't know if they will be able to use that and set up an emergency shelter. But I want to point out, we've been here for about 20 minutes and we have watched this fire scorch at least 200 yards. It is just burning straight down Higginbotham 101 so Tom and Cecilia, we'll be out there all morning. Okay, stay, safe. So close to the fire. To the new extreme weather battering the south.

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{"duration":"2:51","description":"Strong winds pushed the blaze down the hills in Ventura County, burning dozens of homes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35956542","title":"Firefighters Combat Southern California Wildfires ","url":"/GMA/video/firefighters-combat-southern-california-wildfires-35956542"}