Fishermen Reel in Giant Mako Shark

The men catch a nearly 800-pound shark and don't want anyone to find their fishing spot.
2:27 | 04/20/14

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Transcript for Fishermen Reel in Giant Mako Shark
Yes. Thank you. To a big fish, the joke about fisherman, they tend to exaggerate the size of their catch. He actually tried to keep it quiet, why now and our Sara Haines is on the story. Your catch is possibly a record-breaking shark. How do you get that fish home. Take a look. An incredible catch of this enormous 11-foot 800-foot fish on the gulf coast of Florida. The shark flapping its fins up on the shore. Joey who's been fishing since he was a little kid, couldn't let a prize go, deciding to get to the rope and take him in. Probably the best feeling a thousand times over. Reporter: They took that feisty fish on and knew they had to get him home for dinner. He's probably one of the fastest sharks in the sea. Reporter: This photo of the massive predator of the deep in the bed of the Polk's truck, it created a frenzy online. Where did this epic battle of man versus fish take place? If you ask him, he won't bite. We like to keep it a secret. And maybe one day I'll be able to pass it on to my kids. Reporter: What he's not afraid to share is the meat, hundreds of edible shark have been fried to perfection for a big community barbecue? Family and friends. Lot of people eating very good off of this fish. He told us that this is very dangerous, they can attack at any moment. He strongly suggest only going out there with someone who's extremely experienced, which he is. I feel bad. I'm not a big fisher, they do throw them back. This one was unique. Time now for the Easter forecast, we welcome back WPVI's Cecily Tynan.

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{"duration":"2:27","description":"The men catch a nearly 800-pound shark and don't want anyone to find their fishing spot.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23397887","title":"Fishermen Reel in Giant Mako Shark","url":"/GMA/video/fishermen-reel-giant-mako-shark-secret-23397887"}