Fitness Trainer Rob Fletcher Leads Ultimate 60-Second Workout

The martial arts guru shows off some moves to burn calories and sculpt muscles.
5:40 | 07/22/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fitness Trainer Rob Fletcher Leads Ultimate 60-Second Workout
Get -- I guess that history and national arts guru rob -- are joined by. Thank you have IDU hair yeah -- knowledge. -- talk about your workout. Well this is a basically you know everyone says there's no time they make excuses -- or intimidated by the -- as. -- you know what you may because they're so fitness oriented pure positive energy. But we designed different interval type workouts. Which are shorter to give those excuses to make no excuse. So basically 62 -- which could be turned into a five minute work out basically you do work at once. He vetoed twice three times taking 32 breaks in between so it's it's a great high intensity -- -- pulled by work out -- muscles. -- calories and revved up from the -- And this isn't just like in this is if you don't have time cooler this truly is worse than salute on the Internet for and then look up close especially the high intensity interval training. You gonna keep reading and burning those calories once we're -- -- for complete. Isn't that absolutely. OK so we're going to audio -- of Florida have lots. It from the news and so and basically. This -- of bond Angela and dean -- you've got apparently it worked out that's a great attic. Our rob her fans expect there they're -- now -- at home watching this includes you so we want you to go to work up the first. We're gonna take -- through the five exercises the first exercise is the squat. Tap reaching -- -- it was -- squat down -- with the right here first. Then. Jump reach. And -- So that's just what happened to their opening -- -- -- -- how -- usually going to be repetitions we're shooting for eight red not yet. Not yet where you trust -- you're gonna know went ago. So now we -- -- -- now hole with a distorting do for. U 4620. To five exercise -- and trying to complete this in sixty seconds next to go to be the just -- -- -- to the right but it's for the left handers out. Okay do a couple of -- -- is pleased. OK to go alternate life and get out you know these are all birds for -- body that is not -- thank you -- you have all right so from there we're gonna go into so we have the swat. It's like Johnson that we have be just what lunches and then we have the what's called speed -- so you can go to the left first please. And just like -- speed skating. -- back and forth again saying -- -- staying low. You know shoulders back head up -- stop -- next. Which is a great when I love but yet you very carefully won't make sure that your back is flat then of course stabilize this is called the -- on export ports world was brought everybody hates the -- a lot of hair on. And you could really turn that into such a great -- itself incorporating different types exercise but when you though that European there it -- to homeless guys. So -- benefit the -- OK now on -- is very important home provide going to be a deposition please note to stimulate straight out. There's the part talk about many people you do not want to let those hits sacked. You know death parking that -- -- experts flat in school but -- thank you. -- from -- the final one political to push up position. And what to do what's called Spider-Man puts us now you can modify he's at home you can do the regular -- him. They're gonna go for this -- may -- push ups going down taking a right here for the elbow and and that's what you. That OK so -- -- -- five exercises OK so that's what we're going to shoot or are doing repetitions. In sixty -- we're gonna start o'clock we'll get started popping right. I'm -- -- -- occasionally. Let me tell them. I -- OK so we're gonna go for eight will that start with this watch cap reaching jobs book it would go for eight. Telling clock incredibly o'clock and wrapped up and buck stopped -- and got out. One. Is this the flat bottom keep your need that right now he's been -- only what drop us. Back right right wing and he'll still lot of lower -- lot of little body right now -- -- her and now they're going to be bright just what plunges. Still working lower body. Don't forget their -- We'll -- right at the speed skaters. -- -- Banana and for every time you're -- some of the biggest nothing about -- annual you know and this. Many people really. Neglect or body cell phones were not breathing and -- yeah. But what I haven't these guys. A deadlock and everything are fairly obvious way and I would be like a -- -- newsletter please tell us. I got them they -- really 1 o'clock. Well I won't second blow ahead of schedule -- right. Six. Four. The ring. Okay. I didn't have an Eagles are supposedly about your show. You program rather America's next great -- on the exists between the -- Or -- NTT and basically what we want to do is we just want people to get up and move it. You know because. You know we already state workplace that really requires people pay more attention to be accountable so we want do you. T get up and get moving to live positive healthy fit competent and strong. -- thank you can't thank you find out. A lot more we'll have of course the -- and everything and then and by learning more and NTT dot TV right agency laid out -- -- I'm right thanks so much for everybody to watch the day that many cup pigs that were delicious and now are many worked out we did and I.

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{"id":24662185,"title":"Fitness Trainer Rob Fletcher Leads Ultimate 60-Second Workout","duration":"5:40","description":"The martial arts guru shows off some moves to burn calories and sculpt muscles.","url":"/GMA/video/fitness-trainer-rob-fletcher-leads-ultimate-60-workout-24662185","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}